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Michelada the Best Way to Drink Your Beer

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The Michelada or Chelada is a beer cocktail which is popular in Mexico and in my home country of Guatemala, there are also similar versions of this in Colombia and other south American countries.  In my opinion this is the best way to have a beer and it’s great for hangovers.  There are many different versions of the Michelada but this one is my personal favorite with or without V8.

So the next time you are thinking of having a beer considers giving it some sabor and making it into a Michelada.





Michelada Recipe


  • 12 oz beer non-dark beer (preferably Mexican like Corona or Dos XX)
  • juice of 2 key limes
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 dashes Tabasco® sauce
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • ice

Mix all ingredients except beer in a shaker and shake briefly. Pour a little ice into a 22onz pilsner glass rimmed with sea salt, pour lime mixture over ice. Finally pour beer slowly so that it won’t foam up.  Mix softly with a long spoon.

You can add 6onz of either V8, tomato or clamato juice.

Some people also add half a shot glass of Tequila.


I post recipes that are either typical dishes from my home country of Guatemala, recipes from other Latin American countries or interesting and fun recipes with ingredients that give them some sabor Latino. If you have any suggestions or would like a specific guatemalan recipe let me know in the comments section.




About the author

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

Paula moved from her native Guatemala to SW Florida with her husband and two children and together they are discovering what it means to live life between two languages.

Paula studied architecture who now makes a living as a freelance writer, traveler and amateur photographer. She started her writing & publishing career as the editor of Bebé y Mamá, the first parenting magazine in Guatemala. She is the founder of www.GrowingUpBilingual.com and www.365thingsswfl.com and writes articles in Spanish and English for both magazines and the web on travel, food and bicultural and bilingual parenting .

When she is not on a plane or road trip she likes to create recipes inspired in the flavors of her native Guatemala.

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  1. Jimmy

    Sounds disgusting lol. Like a weak, bubbly bloody mary.

    1. Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

      Most people think that when they hear about the ingredients, but trust me it’s great . Try it you will love it!

  2. Beersly McBeerson

    I try to hold my tongue when I see people putting oranges in their White beers, but this is going over-board. Neither Corona nor Dos XX are very good beers though (in my opinion) so maybe this recipe would make them better. Why can’t people just let beer be beer? Go make your cocktails with something else…

    1. Dane

      Spoken like a true drunk LMFAO

    2. avisioncame

      An orange is OK in Blue Moon, and that’s about it. There are a few Belgian beers that one might put an orange or even a lemon in, but not traditionally. And anyway, you wouldn’t really see these at your typical bar.
      Beer takes MANY forms, don’t be so close minded. Go outside the box of Budweiser and similar.
      You’d be surprised, but lagers are actually pretty modern beers in their history. Old Belgian monks and ancient Egyptians might be saying to the Germans “Let beer be beer”, until Lager became the most popular beer style in the world.

    3. Groo

      I drank a lot of Corona when I was younger, and my friends and I always put a lime wedge in the bottle, covered the top with our thumbs and turned the bottle upside down, it really does make it taste better. Dos XX was pretty good without adding anything to it. I’ve never tried a Chilada but I love Bloody Maries so I’ll probably get around to trying them, eventually.

  3. Adi

    You need to also add Tajin. A mexican chile salt mixture used to put on food. You can find it in the hispanic section at target. Really makes a difference in the micheladas! Soooo good 🙂

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