Halloween Fun and Tricks With the New Cheetos Bag of Bones

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Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting times of the year for our family. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved dressing up and for me Halloween is a magical spooky night where we can all unleash our inner child, especially if that inner child is a little mischievous and that is why I am thrilled to have been asked to create this sponsored post sharing all about the new Cheetos Bag of Bones Halloween snacks!

cheetos Halloween

I am already a huge fan of Cheetos white cheddar snacks but now I have a new favorite: the new limited edition Cheetos Bag of Bones. They are not only the perfect Halloween savory treat for our family they are also so much fun.

The Cheetos Bag of Bones are filled with four different white cheddar bone-shaped puffs, allowing your family to play with their food by building their own edible skeletons and maybe even make them dance a little!

cheetos Halloween

But the fun does not stop with those dancing skeleton snacks, no sir! You can also visit the Cheetos Halloween website where you will find lots of fun ways for everyone in the family to unleash their inner mischief, without really playing any pranks on anyone. It’s the best of both worlds, you can play some Halloween tricks in a safe and fun way.

cheetos Halloween

I of course started by toilet papering my in-laws’ house … hey don’t judge me, I’m sure you’re all headed to the CheetosHalloween.com website to toilet paper someone’s house with Chester’s Project TP right now! You can also submit your Tiny Tale of Terror on Twitter for a chance to have it made into a short spooky film and watch the Ghostery Store Pranks unfold. I have to tell you that TPing was my favorite, it’s addictive and all of us were cracking up watching Chester toilet paper my husband’s old office building, the one with the evil boss, my kid’s school and even some of my favorite places and buildings that are on my travel bucket list like The Bellagio in Vegas, the Jefferson Memorial, the Milwakee Museum, the Guggenheim Museum and even the Golden Gate Bridge! Now those pranks where epic and had to be shared which of coarse is super easy to do! And if all of these fun shenanigans where not enough you also have the opportunity to win weekly prizes, so what are you waiting for?

cheetos Halloween

As we played with our Cheetos Bag of Bones eating off a skeleton’s skull or making those dancing skeletons on the table and plates, I realized that these cheesy skeletons are also ideal as a fun Dia de los Muertos themed snack!

Our family always celebrates both Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Halloween spooky, creepy night while during the Day of the Dead our family celebrates those family members that are no longer with us and the skulls or Calaveras and the skeletons or are a symbol of those festivities. I love that the Cheetos Bag of Bones is a fun themed snack that is perfect to bring out for friends and family to enjoy during el Día de los Muertos along with all of the traditional treats and foods. For us it’s all about blending traditions and making holidays our own.

Have you tried the new Cheetos Bag of Bones?

cheetos Halloween

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cheetos.

10 thoughts on “Halloween Fun and Tricks With the New Cheetos Bag of Bones

  1. jaja! me encantaría ser una jovencita para ir a poner papel higiénico por ahí, hay cosas que son divertidas y no hay que juzgarlas todos fuimos chicos. Voy a probar los cheetos, me parecen muy divertidos. Gracias Paula.

  2. Creo que todavía no he visto esas bolsas de Cheetos acá en españa, pero tendría que mirar, porque tienen buena pinta. Y, aunque hace una eternidad que no como Cheetos, ahora me dieron ganas.

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