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Fun DIY Elf Honey Jars: A Great Holiday Gift Under $15

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Don Victor Honey elf decorated jars for holiday present

Don Victor® Honey is raw, filtered honey, not heated or processed in any other way. It makes for and easy and inexpensive gourmet gift under $15. Add to it a little holiday magic by turning the round jars into cute little elves and you’ll have a great gift for everyone in your holiday list.

We made these honey jar elves for the kid’s teachers but these would also make a great gift for any of your foodie friends, for your coworkers and neighbors or as a hostess gift.

Don Victor Honey elf decorated jars for holiday gift

What you will need to make the elf honey jars:

Don Victor Honey elf decorated jars for holiday present

Instructions for making the elf honey jars:

Step 1. Start by downloading and printing the free printable template HERE.

Step 2. From the green felt cut the rim of the hat, a strip for the belly of the elf and the elf legs.

Step 3. From the red felt cut the elf’s collar, the hat and a two small strips for the cuff of the elf pants.

Step 4. From the black felt cut the belt and the elf shoes.

Step 5. From the tinfoil cut the belt buckle, for the center it’s easier to use an X-Acto knife than scissors.

Don Victor Honey elf decorated jars for holiday present

Step 6. Roll the red felt piece to form the hat and using the glue gun glue both ends together.

Step 7. Glue the hat rim at the bottom of the hat and add the silver bell at the top.

Step 8. Glue the collar to the base of the jar’s lid.

Don Victor Honey elf decorated jars for holiday present

Step 9. Glue the mini pompoms on the tips of each triangle in the collar.

Step 10. Using the glue gun glue the hat to the lid of the jar.

Step 11. Use white glue to glue the belt in the center of the green felt strip and glue the buckle to the belt.

Step 12. Using the glue gun glue the green strip and belt to around the middle of the honey jar.

Don Victor Honey elf decorated jars for holiday gift

These elf jars came look so cute and they where so easy to make that even my kids wanted to make them and they are super excited to give these to their teachers. We made two versions: one with the elf legs and one without. I think that the version without the elf legs is easier to transport and to add to a holiday gift basket while the one with the legs is so much fun. Of course my kids loved the one with the legs and will be giving these to their teachers.

Don Victor Honey elf decorated jars for holiday present

What makes this gift really special is that Don Victor@ Orange Blossom Comb Honey Globe is not only delicious, all natural honey but the jar also includes a piece of honeycomb. Now if you have never eaten honeycomb you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s delicious and can add sweet flavor and texture to many of your favorite recipes.

Don Victor Honey

As a kid, I remember we always used to have honey in a globe jar with the honeycomb in it. My brother and I would fight about who got the honeycomb, which makes no sense to me now as we usually both got a piece of it.

Don Victor Honey with honeycomb

My daughter is a big fan of the honeycomb and likes to chew it like I did as a kid back in Guatemala. However I have now found lots of ways to use the honeycomb when I cook and specially when I entertaining. Using the honeycomb instead of just drizzling honey over foods not only gives your dishes a different texture but it also allows you to use honey in more ways. While adding honey to a salad may not make much sense adding pieces of honeycomb provides that sweetness and also a new texture to your salad. When honeycomb is added to hot foods it softens and becomes aromatic.

brie cranberry and honey crostini

Brie cranberry and honey crostini. A delicious appetizer that is ready in 5 minutes!

Adding a piece of honeycomb atop warm crostini, baked brie or even as part of a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich gives it that sweet honey taste without the honey running off your food and making a mess. The honeycomb looks beautiful too; that is why restaurants often use it as part of their fancy cheese platters and honeycomb makes for an interesting and delicious garnish for everything from appetizers to cocktails.

brie cranberry and honey crostini

When I first saw  Don Victor® Orange Blossom Comb Honey Globe Jar in the Hispanic aisle at Walmart it immediately brought back so many memories and we have been buying it ever since.


Be sure to visit the Don Victor® Honey Facebook page and the Don Victor® Honey Pinterest page for more recipes and inspiration on how to use the honeycomb! For more information about Don Victor® Honey visit their website here.

Don Victor Honey with honeycomb

honey pinterest

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  1. Adriana Martin

    What a fun and beautiful DIY just love it! And that appetizer genius thanks for participating in this shop ~ client

  2. Romina Tibytt

    Ahhhh te quedaron demasiados bellos!! Me encantaron!!! Excelente idea!
    Romina Tibytt recently posted…Regalos entretenidos y educativos de AmazonMy Profile

  3. Dailycurlz

    This is the cutest thing ever and with y favorite honey 🙂

  4. Natalia Carter

    This is such a good idea! I love honey and recipes with honey, so I´m making this 🙂
    Natalia Carter recently posted…DineL.A. regresa en Enero 13-27, con más de 300 restaurantes participantesMy Profile

  5. coolchillmom

    Don Victor Honey is always at our home. I am going to have to make these adorable elves!

  6. Labrando un HOGAR -Andreina-

    Aquí siempre tenemos miel para usos diversos, pero ahora voy a comprar la miel de Don Victor porque suena interesante que tenga un poco del panal dentro del frasco.

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