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Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites

Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites
This recipe is a twist on one of my favorite snacks: jalapeño poppers. I created these Avocado Toast Jalapeño Popper Bites which are not just super easy to prepare and make a great appetizer for any get together. 

The combination of cream cheese, avocado and toast with the jalapeños balances some of the spiciness making these snacks ideal for those people who don’t like too much heat in their food but love the flavor of avocado and jalapeños.

Not only are avocados one of my favorite foods ever but they are always fresh, always in season. Avocados have always been a huge part of my culture, growing up avocados where always present in our meals from a few slices of avocado with my huevos rancheros and avocado tostadas to that special guacamole my mom used to make for every family get together.  Avocados are one of those fruits that are just a integral part of that Guatemalan food tradition and when I eat them I am always reminded of family and eating avocados from my grandparent’s tree back home in Guatemala. 

My favorite think about avocados though, is that they are not only delicious but also nutritious and they go well with everything from soups and salads to adding that special smooth taste to sandwiches. Often considered a superfood avocados are loaded with 20 vitamins and minerals and they contribute unsaturated “good” fats which help the body better absorb fat-soluble nutrients Vitamins A, D, K, and E. And if that wasn’t good enough one Hass avocado has only 80 calories, making it the perfect healthy food.

Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites

Recipe For Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites


  •  1 baguette
  •  ½ cup low fat cream cheese
  •  3 cup shredded cheddar cheese or Mexican cheese blend
  •  2 Hass avocados 
  •  1 teaspoon lime juice
  •  2 fresh jalapeños, thinly sliced (seeds removed for less heat)
  •  1/2 tsp. fine sea salt
  •  ¼ tsp. garlic salt
  •  ¼ cup chorizo crumbled
  •  fresh cilantro, chopped
  •  queso fresco, crumbled

Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites


1. Slice the baguette diagonally.

2. In a small bowl combine the cream cheese, ¼ cup shredded cheese, ¼ tsp salt and garlic salt. 

3. Combine the mashed avocado, lime juice, cilantro and ¼ tsp salt.

4. Slightly toast the baguette slices in the oven.

Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites

5. Spread a layer of mashed avocado on the toasted baguette slices, top with a layer of the cream cheese mixture and sprinkle with additional shredded cheese.

6. Place in oven on broil for a couple of minutes or until the cheese on the top starts to brown.

7. Add a couple of slices of jalapeño peppers and sprinkle with chorizo and queso fresco. (optional)

Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites

I could eat avocados every single day and add them to many of my foods. What is your favorite way to eat avocados?

Jalapeño Popper Avocado Toast Bites

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