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I love cooking for my family but lately I simply do not have the time to cook from scratch every day so I am always on the lookout for easy, quick and affordable meal solutions.  That is why I am loving the new Tyson Mix n Match Creations.  It’s a great concept that is all about choices that you can prepare quickly.   Deciding what’s for dinner is easy, you just stand in front of the Mix n Match freezer and choose from one of 5 proteins, 6 sauces and 8 sides that include veggies or starch options.  There are also recipe cards available right there on the display to give you some ideas. The Mix n Match Creations bring together two brands that I already love and trust: Tyson and Byrds Eye and can be found at select Walmart locations.

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Recently I became the breadwinner in the family, this is a big responsibility and I have to make sure that enough money comes in so that I can pay the rent, feed the little people (and my husband too) and maybe have a few bucks left to go out with the kiddos on the weekends. This means that I have had to make some changes: I am more aware of spending every penny wisely and I have absolutely no time to cook so either my hubby makes sandwiches or french toast or I have to find dinner options that are easy and affordable.  I don’t have time for meal planning either so if a product solves this for me I am in!

#shop poblano pepper seak enchiladas
The steak strips where very tender and flavorful since they are already seasoned. I just added some red bell peppers from a jar and some fresh cilantro and wrapped everything in a tortilla.

I did not use the recipe cards because I love making my own combinations and it made me feel like I was still giving the meals my own personal touch and to be completely honest I also forgot to grab them as I was rushing through the store. There are so many combinations to choose from but a couple of things really caught my attention and I ended picking 3 different options.  I started with the sauces. First I chose the Roasted Poblano Queso sauce for tonight because it would only be my husband and me and since the kids where not going to be around for dinner it was the perfect time to try something with a little kick, besides you know I love my Latino food!  I decided to combine the sauce with the steak strips and make some delicious steak enchiladas paired with veggies.  I kept clear from the rice because my husband is on a diet and because I would be wrapping the steak in corn tortillas so I didn’t need any more starches.

#shop fire roasted poblano queso seak enchiladas
The enchiladas where so easy to make, can’t believe dinner was hot and ready on the table in under 10 minutes!

Because I really think this is a great way to save time and money since the Mix n Match combinations start at just under $10 with enough food to feed my family of 4 I was happy to try out a few of these.  My second choice was the Tangy Orange sauce (who can resist that one!) and I decided to combine it with the diced oven roasted chicken and the Asian veggies as I knew my daughter would probably love this and the diced chicken means I don’t even have to cut her food for her!  I also chose the 3 cheese sauce because I know both my kids love anything that has cheese on it and decide to combine that with the chicken breast strips and the broccoli, edamame and carrot veggies.  I am hoping that the kids will eat all of their veggies if these are covered in cheese.

#shop fire roasted poblano queso seak enchiladas
I really like that the Mix n Match Creations are color coded so it’s easy to choose one protein (red), one sauce (green) and one side (blue).

I was impressed by how easy and quickly I had dinner on the table.  The steak is precooked so I just put it on a skillet for about 5 minutes to heat up, didn’t even have to thaw it.  I heated up the veggies in the microwave for 5 minutes, in their own bag and I put the sauce in a container with hot water to thaw for about 6 minutes and then in the microwave for a couple of minutes to heat up. This means that the whole meal was heated and on the table in just under 10 minutes and that included me chopping some fresh cilantro and adding some sweet red bell peppers (from a jar) to the steak and wrapping it all in corn tortillas to make the enchiladas.  Then I just placed them on the plate and poured the sauce on top right from the bag.  Almost no dirty dishes (just one skillet) to clean afterward either!

#shop fire roasted poblano queso seak enchiladas
The enchiladas where delicious and it was a nice treat to have spicy steak Latino inspired meal for our little date night without the kiddos.

The enchiladas came out delicious and my husband devoured them in no time.  There was enough food for four and the steak strips where very tender and flavorful (I have to admit I might have eaten a few while I was making those enchiladas).

You can learn more about Tyson Mix n Match Creations on their website HERE. Like Tyson on Facebook and follow @TysonTweets on twitter to stay up to date with offers and get recipe suggestions.

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