My Favorite Healthy Recipes Using Soybean Oil

Although I did now know it, I have been using soybean oiI for cooking for a long time. Did you know that most of what is labeled as vegetable oil is actually soybean oil?. So I was quite happy to learn that soybean oil has so many advantages over other cooking oils.

• Soybean oil has 0g tarns fat per serving.
• Soybean oil is excellent for frying food quickly because it has a high smoke point (465°F).
• It’s a good source of omega-3s which can help reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease
• Soybean oil is a great source of vitamin E which prevents cell damage that may lead to diseases such as cancer and heart disease
• Soybean oil can be up to one tenth of the cost of competing oils!

The United Soybean Board’s website has lots of great recipes using soybean oil, articles about healthy eating and even a meal planner. Now that I am cooking healthier I am more motivated to try new recipes, specially healthy recipes that I can give everyone in my family without feeling guilty. I will share with you my five favorite ones. Most of these recipes are not only healthy but also have a high nutritional value.

Shrimp and Tofu Pad Thai Recipe

I’ve always loved Pad Thai, it’s spicy, sweet and tangy flavors just blend together creating a dish that is easy yet interesting and exotic. In this recipe edamame is added to the traditional recipe. Edamame, green soybeans, is natural source of antioxidants and isoflavones. Antioxidants can help prevent negative effects of free radicals in the body. Antioxidants have are believed to strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of cancer while isoflavones may help reduce prostate and breast cancer, as well as the risk for hear disease by lowering blood pressure levels. Edamame also contains protein as well as C and B vitamins, and it is one of the few natural sources of vitamin E. You can get the recipe for this healthy Pad Thai HERE.

Edamame Pad Thai
Edamame Pad Thai


Mediterranean Soup Recipe

This hearty soup is ideal for the cold winter months. Filled with veggies it’s a super healthy option for the whole family. This recipe uses soy protein making it ideal for vegetarians or you can easily replace the soy protein for chicken if you want to. You can find the complete recipe HERE.




Zesty Soy Cuban Marinade Recipe

This flavorful marinade is a quick and easy way to add flavor and help to tenderize chicken, pork, beef, fish and even firm tofu. You can find the recipe for the marinade HERE.



Crispy Fish Tacos with Kimchi Recipe

I love fish tacos and this taco recipe is easy, delicious and healthy. I love fusion food and this recipe mixes and matches ethnic flavors by combining a classic Mexican taco topped with pickled, spicy Kimchi. You can get the recipe HERE.


Wholesome Soy Berry Pancakes Recipe

Everyone at home loves pancakes and what could be better than heart-healthy blueberry pancakes, the perfect way to start your day eating healthy! You can get the recipe HERE.


Soybean oil is better for your health and more affordable than other oils, making it an excellent choice to prepare your favorite recipes or traditional foods without compromising taste. I used soybean oil to prepare traditional Guatemalan chilaquilas (quite different from the Mexican chilaqules) and they tasted just like they did when I was little and my nana made them back home in Guatemala. You can see my recipe for chilaquilas HERE.

Take a look at ingredients on the label on your cooking oil to see if you are using soybean oil too and if you aren’t maybe it’s time to give it a try. What is your favorite recipe to cook with soybean oil?

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  1. I make my own soup to lower my sodium intake (you wouldn’t believe how loaded those canned soups are!) and that Mediterranean Soup recipe is just what I’ve been looking for- it seems pretty close to minestrone and sounds amazing. And don’t get me started on blueberry pancakes, YUM!

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