Experience An Exhilarating French Caribbean Adventure In The Guadeloupe Islands

As an Advisory Board Member of the Phase 2 of The Passport Party Project, I want to share with my readers all about this wonderful initiative and encourage every parent of a teen girl who might be qualified for this fantastic opportunity to apply for your teen’s first passport and one of the 10 coveted international trips to the French Caribbean in France’s Guadeloupe Islands! Application Deadline: September 30th, 2014.

Guadeloupe Islands water sports
Photos courtesy of Guadeloupe Islands Tourism Board.

The Guadeloupe Islands

A perfect balance of gorgeous natural scenery, white sand beaches, charming villages and a blend of old Caribbean and southern France accurately define the Islands of Guadeloupe which offer the real Caribbean experience. There are no massive resorts taking over the natural landscape and you can still find a wide variety of peaceful beaches where flocks of birds have not yet been replaced by flocks of tourists. This butterfly shaped archipelago is also well known to water sports enthusiasts and offers everything from surfing and kayaking, to wave runners and scuba diving.

I reflect on my own traveling experiences as a teen and back then it was all about the adventure. I can still feel that excitement that kept me up all night before my first trip to Europe or the butterflies in my stomach the first time I went white water rafting or sped down a snow covered slope. Even though I am far from those teen years and I have come to appreciate many aspects of traveling that I did not care much about back then like getting immersed in the culture and delighting in the local cuisine, that inquisitive and adventurous girl is still present. Now, when I travel I look for destinations that provide many different things, I enjoy relaxing on the beach, great local food and getting close to nature and also look for excitement and adventure.

Guadeloupe Islands giveaway

Let Me Show You My Islands

In the sixth episode of the “Let Me Show You My Islands” video series featuring the Guadeloupe Brand Ambassador, International Model and Dj Willy Monfret, the handsome Monfret shows us that the Guadeloupe Islands can be the ideal destination for thrill seekers and adventurous travelers that want to add some excitement to their island getaway vacation!


Traveling to Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe Islands are now even more accessible from the USA with direct flights from Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico. You can find more information at: MyGuadeloupeIslands.com. Like the Guadeloupe Islands Facebook page to stay informed. Enter the “Let Me Show You My Island” sweepstakes (that expires on September 30th) for a chance to win a 7 night stay in Guadeloupe for two!

Chance of A Lifetime

As graduates of The Passport Party Project’s online global awareness program, 10 American teen girls will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Islands of Guadeloupe while staying in the gorgeous Villa Caloukaera sponsored by Phase 2 Destination Sponsor Home Away.

Photos: Home Away.
Photos: Home Away.

How You Can Help

If your loved one does not meet the minimum requirements for Phase 2 but you are moved to make an impact by giving the gift of travel to our Phase 2 girls, please click here.




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2 thoughts on “Experience An Exhilarating French Caribbean Adventure In The Guadeloupe Islands”

  1. Great post, Paula! It’s GREAT to have you serving as an advisor for Phase 2!

    I hope lots of girls apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the Guadeloupe Islands! After the 10 lucky girls complete the online training and get their first passports, they won’t just get a vacation in their fabulous private villa sponsored by HomeAway, but instead, they will engage with the local community in Guadeloupe and learn to travel with heart. They will learn first hand what it means to be a global citizen. Seeds will be planted.

    I can’t wait! =)

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