Tips for a Stress Free and Relaxing 4th of July Beach Picnic

I worked with Que Pasa to share my best tips for making your July 4th beach picnic festive and stress-free with Liberty Chips for a relaxing family time!

Tips for a Stress Free and Relaxing 4th of July Beach Picnic

Every year we head to the beach for the 4th of July. Enjoying a beach picnic on Independence Day has become a family tradition. We’ve learned the hard way that to maximize the fun, we have to keep it things simple and focus on making the right choices to keep our 4th of July celebrations fun and stress-free with Que Pasa Liberty Chips.

Keep food simple: For us it’s all about having a relaxing and fun day while we celebrate Independence Day. When it comes to foods focus on snacks and foods that don’t require any time investment, finger foods and things that don’t need to stay cold are the best options. We also always bring plenty of water! Spend less time decorating and more time celebrating by adding a colorful, festive flair to your 4th of July picnic (or any picnic or BBQ!) with new Que Pasa Liberty Chips. Liberty Chips are a blend of organic red, white and blue corn tortilla chips that will add a splash of festive color to your favorite party dish. You can accompany your Que Pasa Liberty Chips with a quick and easy dip or salsa or make some easy guacamole. You can also add blueberries and raspberries to your water for a festive and refreshing healthy drink and add a festive paper straw.

Tips for a Stress Free and Relaxing 4th of July Beach Picnic

Celebrate without the guilt: Make sure to bring foods that everyone will love and that everyone can eat. Liberty Chips are organic, gluten free, whole grain, low sodium, and non- GMO – so you know you’re giving your family (and friends) a festive, delicious AND better for you treat! I really love that Que Pasa tortilla chips are crafted from whole kernel corn, ground between volcanic stone, inspired by the traditional way they’ve been made in Mexico for generations, which makes me feel like bringing Que Pasa Liberty Chips into our family 4th of July tradition makes so much sense because it brings a little bit of our Latino culture into the mix.

Focus on fun: Plan fun activities for the kids, bring some beach toys and make sure you’re prepared for a day at the beach with everything you’ll need from sunscreen to bug spray. Remember that a lot of people head for the beach on the 4th of July so get an early start or do a little research and choose a beach that is not too popular, so you can avoid the crowds.

Tips for a Stress Free and Relaxing 4th of July Beach Picnic

Give it a festive twist: There are creative ways to get festive without having to invest any time, energy. One of the ways in which we add a celebratory vibe to our 4th of July picnic is by incorporating a patriotic theme into the family’s outfits in the chillest way possible. There’s no need to go out and buy a US flag swimsuit, just focus combining red, white and blue and look for clothing you already own with themes that hint to the American flag like stars or stripes. Another way to incorporate that red, white and blue theme is with your food choices like the Que Pasa red, white and blue Liberty chips.

Tips for a Stress Free and Relaxing 4th of July Beach PicnicHurry and get your festive Que Pasa Liberty Chips available in Earth Fare stores for a limited time through early July!

Tips for a Stress Free and Relaxing 4th of July Beach Picnic


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  1. I’ve never heard of Que Pasa Liberty Chips until today’s post. They look so fun with their red, white and blue colors. How patriotic of Liberty!

  2. These are great tips for 4th of July picnic! Also how cute and festive are these chips! Perfect for any American holiday!

  3. Great suggestions! I can’t actually remember what we did for 4th of July last year… Perhaps we went to a friend’s house. We’re definitely planning on doing something this year. Just not anything too crazy! I’d prefer to keep things on the easier and more relaxing side. Thank you for sharing!

  4. We are going to the beach for July 4th and I am hoping to have some good food and relaxation. Stress free will be the name of the game for us.

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