Wireless Earbuds Designed For Runners!

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Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds

I’m a runner and a crossfiter. I love to run outdoors and even do some of my crossfit workouts outdoors as well and because I live in Florida this means that I really struggle finding headphones or earbuds that can take the damage that I inflict. Being able to listen to music that motivates you and gets you into that workout/running mood is one of the most important things in order to have a successful and enjoyable run or workout. And lets face it, when I’m doing crossfit out or running the last thing I’m thinking about is whether or not my earbuds will get ruined; I’m just pushing through, working through the pain and trying to reach that goal.

Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds

I was really excited to try out the Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds. After trying out so many headphones and earbuds might these be THE workout wireless earbuds I had been waiting for?

I am happy to say that after over a week of using them outdoors and indoors the Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds are my favorite running and workout wireless headphones!

What I love about the Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds:

Really sweat proof, dirtproof and water resistant. I run in Florida, in the summer which not only means a lot of sweat but I also sometimes get caught in summer showers. If you live in Florida you know it can be sunny one minute and raining the next in summer. With the jaybird RUN wireless earbuds I don’t have to worry about them getting ruined. I also do my crossfit workouts using these earbuds and I can tell you that these earbuds can really take it!

Wireless. Bluetooth compatibility with multiple devices lets you share your playlist without any wires. This means that I can enjoy my favorite workout music and focus on my running without any distractions and without worrying about wires getting tangled anywhere. I can’t del with wires and when I’m running or into my workout and the Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds are not only wireless but designed with runners and athletes in mind!

Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds

Small and lightweight which not only makes them ideal for running and working out but they are also great for taking them along when you travel. We travel a lot and these earbuds are so light that I can take them anywhere, they are perfect for the plane and great for running when I travel. I can take them anywhere even if I’m not carrying a large backpack. They also have a great portable charging case perfect for on-the-go use.

Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds

Comfortable. Comfort is key when you’re running or working out and you don’t want any distractions; you just want to focus! The Jaybird RUN Wireless earbuds have a great in-ear design. They fit securely and direct music straight into your ears for full uninterrupted audio. They come with multiple tips so it’s easy find one that fits you to perfection and won’t fall while running.

They charge super fast, with only 5 minutes of charge they give you one hour of playtime. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready for a run and realizing that you’re headphones are not charged. But with the Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds even if I forgot to charge them I can plug them in 5 min before leaving and I’m all set! And you get up to 4 hours of audio streaming per charge and up to 8 hours with the included portable charging case.

So if you’ve been looking for the perfect workout and running earbuds make sure to check out the Jaybird RUN Wireless earbuds. Right now they are on sale right now for $149.99 (Save $30 for a limited time only)!!

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