Traditional Song of the Holiday Posadas

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Fotografía: Roberto Urrea via Flickr

From December 16th to the 24th the traditional Posadas take place in Guatemala. Every night the group accompanying the procession visits three houses and singing the following song a ritualistic dialogue takes place in which Joseph and Mary search for a place to spend the night.

The Pilgrims (Outside)
In the name of heaven,
I ask you for shelter,
As my beloved wife
Is unable to walk.

The Host (Inside)
This is not a Inn,
Continue ahead,
I can not open,
It could be a scoundrel.

The Pilgrims (Outside)
Don’t be inhuman
Give us charity
That the God in heaven
Will reward you.

The Host (Inside)
You can go now
And don’t bother us
Because if I am angered
I will beat you.

The Pilgrims (Outside)
We come exhausted
The Host (Inside)
From Nazareth
I am a carpenter
My name is Joseph.

The Host (Inside)
I don’t care about the name
Let me sleep
As I have already said
We will not open our doors.

The Pilgrims (Outside)
Shelter we request
Beloved host,
As the Queen of Heaven
Is going to be a mother

The Host (Inside)
Well if she is a queen,
Who requests shelter?
How is it that at night
She travels alone?

The Pilgrims (Outside)
My wife is Mary
Queen of Heaven
And mother she will become
Of the Divine Verb.

The Host (Inside)
You are Joseph
Your wife is Mary
Como in pilgrims
I did not know you,

The Pilgrims (Outside)
God pay you sirs
For your Charity
And may the heavens
With happiness shower you.

Favored the house
That shelters us today
The pure Virgin
The beautiful Mary.
Come in Blessed Pilgrims,
Accept this small corner
Even if the dwelling is poor
I offer it from the heart.

Fotografía: Roberto Urrea via Flickr


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