Read Conmigo Fostering Biliteracy with Free Books in Spanish!

Inifinity’s Read Conmigo Program Sends you Free Books in Spanish!

Infinity Auto Insurance has embarked on a mission to reinforce the educational advantages of bilingual literacy. In May of 2011 they launched Read Conmigo, a non-profit program for Latino families across the country.  Read Conmigo’s mission: to enrich the learning environment of bilingual households, one family at a time.

Hispanic families can sign up for Read Conmigo’s Club Read to receive a free bilingual children’s book monthly.

Infinity Insurance is also going out into the communities with their Mucho Gusto Campaign attending and organizing various events in different cities including Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas, among others . Check for events in your area HERE.

I have to say that I am really excited about this program and about companies recognizing the importance of supporting the home language and investing on our bilingual children and supporting the Spanish language and fostering biliteracy.

The Importance of Reading and Fostering Biliteracy

I am an avid reader and in our household books are a part of every day life.  My children’s room has a wall filled with books both in English and Spanish, we go to story time at the library almost every week and when my daughter lost her first tooth the tooth fairy brought her a book in English and the Ratoncito Perez (in many Latin American countries bringing a gift in exchange for a baby tooth is the job of a cute little mouse, as we don’t believe in the tooth fairy) brought her a book in Spanish .

There is a great amount of research evidence that supports that when children have a good foundation of their first language, both spoken and written, it is easier for them to learn a second language.   Literacy in the a child’s home language is extremely important and reading in the home language will boost children’s proficiency in their second language as well as their academic success and their self confidence.  This happens because the skills and knowledge that a child acquires in their first language are transferred to the second language.  That means that if you child is learning to read at home they don’t have to start from scratch when they start school, even if school is in another language, because they can use those reading skills that they have acquired. Reading at home in your language not only gives your child a head start in the second language but it sets a good foundation for the first language and increases the probabilities of your child becoming completely bilingual and biliterate!

So if you haven’t already head on to the Read Conmigo website and sign up for your free books and make reading in your home language a part of every day life!

Schools, teachers and educators can also sign up and they will receive not one but many books to share with their students!

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3 thoughts on “Read Conmigo Fostering Biliteracy with Free Books in Spanish!”

  1. So excited to find your website! I will definitely be linking up with you over at our new blog for dual-language teachers: Thanks for this great info!

  2. I learned of Read Conmigo online and guess what…. I received my 1st book today! I can not wait for my son and I to read it tonight. This is an awesome program. Thanks for sharing it here. I know many others will benefit from it.

    • We love our Read Conmigo books ! Such a wonderful resource, hope everyone can take advantage of it. I am a book lover and one of the best parenting decisions I made was introducing my children to reading since they where babies. My daughter has autism and struggles with school but reading is her strongest subject and she is now reading in English and Spanish and it’s because reading is relevant and important enough for her that she was motivated to work harder until she was able to read. So proud of her and so thankful for always having books around when I was growing up so that I could share that love of reading with her.

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