Spanish Book Review: El Fandango de Lola

I was provided with a copy of El Fandango de Lola published by Barefoot Books, a fun and colorful children’s book in Spanish, so that I could provide a review. However all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

El Fandango de Lola

Lola feels overshadowed by her older sister Clementine who is taller than her, draws better and has longer hair.  Lola longs to have something she is good at. Inspired by a pair of beautiful flamenco shoes she discovers in her Mami’s closet Lola convinces her Papi to teach her how to dance Flamenco so she can surprise Mami and the rest of her family during Mami’s birthday party.

El fandango de Lola is a vibrant and beautifully illustrated book. The story grabbed the attention of both my daughter and my son and I love that it has many positive messages: from dealing with sibling rivalry and individuality to finding what you are good at and accomplishing your goals through hard work and perseverance.  The book includes a an audio CD recorded by the Amador family and my kids loved hearing each of the character’s different voices along with sound effects and music.

The audio CD is a great tool to develop and improve children’s literacy skills.  My daughter who is learning to read in Spanish reads along and the audio CD helps her with the correct pronunciation of words in Spanish.  This summer we have been traveling a lot and I don’t like bringing electronic devices on road trips so we have brought audio books instead and El fandango de Lola is one of our favorites.  Every time we put it one we soon find that we are all clapping and dancing along in our seats along with Lola as she dances through the story.

El Fandango de Lola

You can learn more about El fandango de Lola on the Barefoot Books website.   You can also like the Barefoot Books page on Facebook and follow them on twitter @BarefootBooks to lear more about their wonderful children’s books and CDs in both English and Spanish.

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of El fandango de Lola so that I could provide a review. However all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. What a beautiful book! I agree that it is also a great way to help a child further their foreign language skills!

  2. I Like The Barefoot Book Club! That Will Keep The Kids Engaged In Reading And Offer Them A Variety Of Books To Read!

  3. Children need to learn to read English as well as Spanish books so as they grow older they continue to read.

  4. My daughter would love Abuelita Fue Al Mercado! She always goes to the market with grandma.I love that there are many books to choose from!


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