Celebrating My Valentine with Heart of Haiti

Valentine’s gives us the opportunity to take some time out of our busy schedule and celebrate those people that make our lives better through their love and support.  I am lucky that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people who care for me and help me be a better person each day: my kids, my parents and my friends.  But on Valentine’s I want to celebrate the love of my life: my wonderful husband.

My house is filled with pictures of my children but I don’t really have a good picture of my husband anywhere.  No, not even wedding pictures because we never had a real wedding. Valentine’s came early to my home this year and I was thrilled to receive a beautiful picture frame from Heart of Haiti along with a beautiful pendant.  When I was asked to choose a picture of someone I wanted to celebrate for Valentine’s to put on the frame I knew it was the perfect place to put a picture of my husband.

My Valentine. Here we are on our fist date.
My Valentine. Here is a picture of us on our beautiful Heart of Haiti frame.

My Love Story

I’m giving in to the romanticism in the February air and telling you why my husband is so special and why I am so lucky to have him.  I met him at what might be one of the most unlikely places to meet someone:  I met him at a baby shower in my home country: Guatemala!  We where having a baby shower for my best friend at a restaurant and her husband, who was super excited about the baby, called me to ask if it was ok to crash the baby shower as he was dying to be part of the celebration.  I said we would love to have him and not wanting to be the only guy there he arrived with an old high school friend who was visiting Guatemala (he lived in Miami) for just a couple of weeks.

At the time I was a single mom and my 5-month-old baby girl was with me at the baby shower.  The man of my dreams did not arrive at the baby shower wearing a shining armor but a superhero shirt (how fitting!).  The first thing he did, before even greeting anyone, was to walk right over to the stroller where my little baby looked right into his eyes and greeted him with smiles and coos.  It was love at first sight between them and the minute I saw them look into each others eyes I knew I had been looking for love in all the wrong places.

The day I met my husband.  Look at my little girl, she just couldn't take her eyes off him.
The day I met my husband. Look at my little girl, she just couldn’t take her eyes off him.

We talked for a bit and when the baby shower was over he helped me put the stroller in the trunk of my car.  A few days later we went on our first date. He picked my little baby and me up and we met two of my friends and their husbands for dinner. My girlfriends where 7 and 8 months pregnant and I am pretty sure that we didn’t talk about anything that was not baby related.  Halfway through dinner I got up to go to the ladies room and as I walked back to the table I saw that the guy I had just met a couple of days before was not only enjoying himself in this “date” but had moved over one seat so he could be right next to my baby and make sure she was ok.  Our table was outside and as I approached I could see him pulling her little hand back under the cover of her baby blanket so she wouldn’t get cold.  It was our fist date but I felt like we had been together for years, it felt like we where already a family.

The three of us on our first date.
The three of us on our first date.

A week later he flew back home to Miami. We talked every day on Skype and after 3 months he came back to visit. After a month long visit  he flew back to Florida, sold his bike, packed the rest of his life into his truck, put the truck in a ship headed for a third world country, flew back, found a job and moved in with us.

He went from being single and without a care in the world one minute to becoming a husband and a Dad the next.  He jumped right into these new roles with both feet, never looking back.  By day two he was changing diapers and getting up in the middle of the night with me.  My little girl responded to his immense love for her by saying Daddy before she said Mommy. I’m not jealous, really, I mean after all her first word was “chucho” (dog). 🙂

Heart of Haiti

I was really excited to receive this gorgeous artisan made Heart of Haiti frame because it was made by hand with love and pride.  The Heart of Haiti line of handcrafted items is a program that enables Haitian artisans to create and share their work.  This beautiful frame is the perfect place to put a picture of my husband, the love of my life.  I come from a very poor country that,like Haiti, has had it’s share of difficulties and I feel that I can really relate to the people of Haiti.

Heart of Haiti handmade frame and pendant.
Heart of Haiti handmade frame and pendant.

Along with the beautiful frame I also received a heart pendant.  Both the frame and the pendant are filled with rich textured detail, hand-cut and hammered in recycled steel by Haitian artisans determined to rebuild their lives.  Their love for their country and their strength and resilience is transmitted through these beautiful works of art.

Who are you celebrating for Valentine’s?

Disclosure:  This post was done in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Heart of Haiti.  I did not receive any monetary compensation but did receive the frame and pendant for free.  All of my opinions are sincere and this post has not been edited by a third party. #HeartofHaiti

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16 thoughts on “Celebrating My Valentine with Heart of Haiti”

  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful story of how your met your husband. It is really one like none I have heard before. I can’t believe that you actually have a photo of your first meeting together, so rare!


    • Thanks so much Jenna,
      I’ve always thought it was pretty amazing that we had a pic of the day we met and of our first date too. There was actually a photographer from the local newspaper at the baby shower and a photo of me and my girlfriends was published. It was a pretty cool day all around. My husband and my best friend’s husband are high school buddies so that is pretty cool too. 🙂

  2. Amiga, if Disney were to tell that tale we’d say it was Disney and make-believe. BB’s so glad that it isn’t. My eyes started tearing feeling the love behind the story, and because I know you I know it’s true, which made them tear up more. Continued love to you with muchos BB2U.

    P.S. Love the frame- looks perfect for that picture.


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