Tips for an easy Easter candy platter

How to Make an Awesome Easter Candy Platter

Easter is just around the corner, and a candy platter is a great way to share your favorite Easter candy and sweet treats with family and friends. A well-arranged candy tray is a fantastic way to serve sweets beautifully without the extra effort. So whether you’re hosting Easter brunch or have older kids who are … Read more

Easy bunny butt cupcakes

Adorable Bunny Butt Cupcakes Perfect for Easter

Are you looking for the cutest Easter and Spring-themed cupcakes ever? These classic bunny butt cupcakes have been one of my favorite Easter cupcakes for years! I love making these incredibly moist and easy carrot cake cupcakes with creamy yogurt and cream cheese frosting. It is a fantastic alternative to the chocolate overload that usually … Read more

Easter brunch menu

Deliciously Easy Easter Brunch Recipes

Of all the spring celebrations surrounding Easter, Ester brunch has to be one of my favorite. Welcoming family and friends to celebrate Easter with a delicious brunch is one of my favorite things to do!! And with these easy Easter brunch recipes, your Easter celebration will surely be a hit. From twists on breakfast classics … Read more

low-carb chicken salad lettuce wraps with mango

Low-Carb Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps with Mango

These delicious and easy low-carb Greek yogurt chicken salad lettuce wraps with mango are a lighter, healthier dinner option and have fewer carbs than regular chicken salad. They are a refreshing appetizer for your summer BBQ, a summer lunch option, or the ideal picnic party food. This keto-friendly chicken salad recipe uses Greek yogurt and … Read more

Easter chick cupcakes

Cute and Easy Easter Cupcakes

If you are looking for an Easter dessert idea that is sure to be a hit at your Easter brunch or Easter party, you can’t go wrong with cute and easy Easter cupcakes. Cupcakes are easy to make and always so festive. Besides, they are also easy to serve, mess-free, and always cheerful and fun. … Read more

Mexican chocolate flan recipe

The Best Mexican Chocolate Flan Recipe

Topped with fresh fruit, this creamy Mexican chocolate flan is the ultimate chocolate dessert. This easy-to-make Mexican flan recipe is a popular custard dessert in Latin America, made with eggs and milk and covered with a light sweet syrup. Also known as crème caramel, this showstopper dessert will impress friends and family, perfect for Cinco … Read more

Pulled pork taquitos with pineapple salsa

Mexican Pulled Pork Taquitos with Pineapple Salsa

Homemade taquitos or rolled tacos are some of my favorite authentic Mexican foods. And this recipe for Mexican pulled pork taquitos gives a twist to the traditional taquito recipe by pairing them with freshly made pineapple salsa for an amazingly easy and flavorful dish filled with Mexican flavors. A bit different from Mexican tacos, taquitos … Read more

Valentine's Day Dessert Board Sundae Bar

Best Valentines Charcuterie Board Inspiration

Valentine’s just around the corner and if you’re looking for a great way to surprise your loved one a Valentine’s Charcuterie Board is a great way to wow them! So I have rounded up some of the prettiest and dare I say easiest Valentine’s charcuterie boards. There’s something for everyone here, from Valentine’s dessert boards … Read more

Guatemalan tamalitos de elote

Guatemalan Tamal De Elote: Easy Recipe For Sweet Corn Tamales

Tamales de elote are a delicious sweet corn tamal perfect as a dessert or sweet treat any time. By following this super easy recipe for Guatemalan tamales de elotes, you will be able to enjoy this amazing traditional Guatemalan dessert made from fresh sweet corn kernels in no time! This Guatemalan dish has no meat … Read more

Guatemalan atol de elote recipe

Easy Recipe for Atol De Elote Guatemalteco

Atol de elote or atol de maiz is one of Guatemala’s most popular traditional drinks. If you are craving a sweet, comforting drink to warm you up during the holidays, Guatemalan corn atole is for you! This hot traditional Guatemalan drink is made with sweet corn and flavored with vanilla or cinnamon. It’s a popular … Read more