How to Work as a Freelancer while Traveling in Germany

How to Work as a Freelancer while Traveling in Germany

Traveling while working is nothing new for many freelancers- life as a digital nomad is an increasingly popular way to live. Yet, how can you best combine exploring unknown lands with constant money flow on your bank account? The answer is simple- by choosing a travel destination that can actually support your work! And when … Read more

Vaxholm Sweden

Vaxholm: Experiencing Swedish Life In The Archipelago

Just about an hour boat ride from Stockholm, Vaxholm is a world away from the fast paced hustle of the city. This small community comprises over 50 islets in the Stockholm archipelago. Vaxholm’s center is a lively picture perfect Swedish town where colors seem brighter, the air is fresher and life moves at a slower pace. Considered the … Read more


Stockholm: Great Places To Visit For Art And Architecture Lovers

The most populous city of the Nordic countries, Stockholm is not only Sweden’s capital but it’s also referred to as the capital of Scandinavia. Located where Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea come together the city occupies 14 islands which are connected by about 50 bridges. One of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Coimbra With Kids

Even though it lies just two hours from Lisbon and about an hour and a half from Porto the charming Portuguese town of Coimbra is often overlooked. Coimbra was the capital of Portugal back in Medieval times and was already an important municipality during the Roman empire. Home to a treasure trove of historic sites including … Read more

Pigeon Vallen in Cappadocia

Beyond Hot Air Balloons: Things To Do In Cappadocia

Like many travelers, I was lured to visit Cappadocia by the countless pictures I had seen of hot air balloons flying over the amazing orange hued rock formations. It was low season in late November and the wind did not cooperate so my hot air balloon trip got cancelled twice and I ended up not … Read more

House hotel Nisantasi

Where To Stay In Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city and there are so many interesting neighborhoods that when we started looking for hotels I could not decide in which area to stay in. While Sultanahmet is convenient as it is close to most of the tourist attractions including Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi palace this touristy … Read more

cat at Ephesus ruins, the cats of Turkey

The Cats of Ephesus

If you have been to Istanbul you must have seen them: they sit on rugs at the Grand Bazar, they walk on the sidewalks of Sultanahmet and doze off on the steps of mosques. They might even startle you by sneaking into your hotel room and they keep you company while they wait patiently at your … Read more