Shrimp Foil Packets and other simple and delicious camping recipes

10 Delicious Recipes Perfect for Your Next Camping Trip

I’ve put together some of my favorite camping recipes. Whether you’re grilling or cooking over a campfire you’ll find some great camping recipe ideas for everything from full meals to campfire deserts. Camping is the perfect way to spend a summer weekend. Camping provides you with the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors with your loved … Read more

Hiking with kids

Hiking With Kids: Tips And Activities

Help your kids develop a love for the outdoors and hiking and make it fun with these tips for hiking with kids. I have also included lots of activities to make hiking fun for kids. Growing up in Guatemala we used to go exploring and hiking often. Known as the land of eternal spring Guatemala is … Read more

hiker for Mother Earth

10 Best Tips For Long Hikes

Hiking can be a great exercise and being outdoors and connecting with nature is a great way to reenergize and disconnect. I’m sharing my best tips for long hikes from how to prepare and what to bring to how to recoup after hiking. Staying healthy and fit is something that I work hard at and … Read more

hiker with Poweraid

Staying Hydrated When You Hike During Summer

  Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature. A lot of outdoor activity under the blazing sun can pose a few hazards that can be mitigated with some preparation; the most important of them being dehydration. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. And most of us don’t know it. Sometimes we know … Read more

Mountain Biking In The Sonora Desert With AOA

Mountain biking has always been one of my favorite things to do but living in Florida I don’t really get to do it much and when I do go out on my bike the rides are not very exciting, so on our recent trip to Scottsdale going mountain biking on the Sonora desert was at the top … Read more