Comit to Safe Driving and Save Lives with Celebrate My Drive

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My kids are not old enough to drive but we are already teaching them to drive safely.  Like any other mother I worry about their future and about the choices they might make, when it comes to driving these choices are a matter of life and death.  For the last 30 years car crashes have been the number one killer of teenagers ages 14 to 18, but State Farm believes that by joining forces and bringing parents, teenagers, schools and communities together we can win the battle against teen car crashes.

In 2012 State Farm found that more than 50 percent of schools and families were not having conversations about safe driving. Let’s change that!

[important]Teens, parents and communities: let’s all commit to safe driving and talk about driving safely with our families and friends.[/important]


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A Teen Driver Celebration

The State Farm Celebrate My Drive campaign aims to encourage teen to make positive choices as they start driving by supporting them to explore the road ahead while staying safe! I want to ask parents of teens 14 years old and older to encourage their kids to make an an online commitment to drive safely.  Car crashes are the No.1 killer of teens but we can do something about those numbers and reduce them.

I’ve always believe in positive reinforcement and in motivating kids to make the right decisions and I really identify with the Celebrate My Drive program’s notion that “sharing – education building – is more powerful than scaring”.  Encouraging our kids to comit to safer driving while still enjoying the excitement and independent that comes from this major milestone is what this program is all about and I think this is the best way to build awareness.

For more information on the Celebrate My Drive program and to download tools and tips, visit:  You can also like Celebrate My Drive on Facebook to get tips and information updates.

State Farm also offers a variety of tools and tips (Road Trips®, Road Aware ®, Steer Clear, Driver Feedback app, etc.) to help lead this conversation in a positive manner that informs teens about safe driving.   To access all of these resources you can visit State Farm’s Teen Driver Safety Website.

[important] Create positive habits and get your teen thinking before driving and remember that : ‘safe driving and a commitment to do so’ saves lives![/important]

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15 thoughts on “Comit to Safe Driving and Save Lives with Celebrate My Drive”

  1. I am a firm believer in teaching your children the safe way to drive. I worked in the insurance industry for many years and have heard terrible stories about teen drivers. However, because of my experience my son (who will be driving soon) is already very responsible. I have no doubt that he will be a responsible driver. This is a great campaign that will hopefully help others.

  2. This is a much needed program especially since so many schools no longer offer Driver’s education. I think this type of education is something that is needed over the course of their high school years whether they are driving or not.

  3. If only this was part of my life when I was growing up. My family instilled so much fear in me about driving and how as a woman, it’s so dangerous for me, that even today at the age of 28, I have no licence, no car and a complete panic of driving. My sister has the same situation – it’s so dumb!!

  4. Safe driving is incredibly important. My parents stressed it so much when I was a teen and I like to think that I am now a very safe driver. 🙂 Love this program!!

  5. As a mom, I always fear drivers with cellphones in their hands. In my country, we have no set laws that penalize distracted driving (Driving while using cellphones or other electronic devices). I wish our lawmakers would do something about it.

  6. My son gets his license next month and we have had MANY talks about safe driving while he’s had his permit and for the months before he got it. Here in Northern Virginia, traffic is a nightmare and there are a lot of aggressive drivers so it’s easy to find examples for him of what NOT to do.


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