Easy Silver And Gold New Year’s Party Ideas

Silver and Gold New Years party ideas and recipes

New Years is here and you want to make it special. However you don’t want to spend hours preparing food and decorating the house. These fun DIY decor ideas and easy to make recipes will give any New Year’s party lot’s of sparkle and glitz and they are all so easy to make!


I started off with a simple theme: I wanted to use silver and gold and give everything an elegant look filled with sparkle. I started my creating easy recipes and adding that elegant glitzy touch to them. Most of these recipes can be done in minutes and for many of them I used store bought items but no one would ever know! Your guests will think you spent hours preparing all the food!

Easy Silver and Gold New Year's Party Recipes

Chocolate & Vanilla Parfaits Recipe



In a tall cup or glass layer the vanilla pudding, pieces of cake, chocolate pudding, yellow cake and silver sugar pearls. Top with whipped cream and garnish with a cherry and gold pearlized sugar.

chocolate and vanilla parfaits with silver pearls

Blueberry Champagne Cocktail Recipe


  • Champagne or sparkling wine
  • fresh or frozen blueberries
  • gold pearlized sugar
  • gold tassel mixers


Pour some gold pearlized sugar on a plate. Wet the rim of your champagne flutes and then dip it into the gold pearlized sugar. Add two or three raspberries to each flute and poor the cold champagne over them.

New Year's Party cocktail

Gold Marshmallows Recipe



Insert the lollipop sticks into the center of a marshmallow. Fill a cup with about half an inch of water. Dip the marshmallow in the water; it should cover about two-thirds of it when you dip it. Place the marshmallow in a bowl and slowly pour the gold pearlized sugar over it, turning it until two-thirds of the marshmallow is covered. Place on waxed paper and let dry. Make a small bow with the black ribbon and glue it to the lollipop stick with hot glue.

gold sprinkle marshmallows for Academy awards party

Gold Popcorn Recipe



Pop the popcorn in the microwave. Spray just a little olive oil spray, place it in a bowl or individual containers, and sprinkle with gold pearlized sugar and gold sugar pearls; the olive oil will give it a nice shine and help the sugar and pearls stick to it.

gold popcorn

Easy DIY New Year’s Decorations

  • Tissue paper puffs, which I created using silver tissue paper and gold tissue paper, follow this easy tutorial HERE.
  • Gold and silver star confetti.
  • Gold and silver tassel garland which I made using gold and silver tinsel I had leftover from the holidays.
  • I made the cake banner using gold party straws, metallic silver cord, silver and gold washi tape to make the little flags, and gold tissue paper for the paper puffs at the end of the straws.  I placed the banner on a store-bought cake and added a second banner with the numbers of the new year!
  • Star wire garland which I glued to the cake stand using a glue gun.

Silver and Gold New Year's Party Recipes Ideas and Printables

How to Throw A Silver and Gold New Year's Party Without Breaking the bank


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