Grilled Bananas with Chocolate Sauce

I love bananas, fresh or grilled ! Pair them with chocolate you get a dessert that is exotic and rich. The vanilla ice cream on the side just makes this sublime. See why this recipe could be the perfect dessert for a date night on my Valentine’s Recipes with Latino Passion.

photo credit: robertpaulyoung via photopin cc
photo credit: robertpaulyoung via photopin cc


4 firm-ripe bananas
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 pound (about 1 1/2 tablets) Mexican chocolate such as Nestle Abuelita, chopped
1 cup half-and-half
1 cinnamon stick


photo credit: Ann@74 via photopin cc
photo credit: [email protected] via photopin cc


Peel bananas and halve lengthwise. In a shallow baking pan large enough to hold bananas in one layer stir together butter and brown sugar and add bananas, tossing gently to coat. Transfer bananas with a metal spatula to an oiled rack set 5 to 6 inches over glowing coals and grill until browned and cooked through, about 2 minutes on each side. (If bananas are difficult to handle you may grill them on 1 side only.)

In a heavy saucepan heat chocolate and half-and-half over low heat, stirring frequently, until chocolate is melted. Serve sauce warm and garnish with a stick of cinnamon and aniseed

Serve bananas with vanilla ice cream on the side and drizzle with chocolate sauce.

¡Buen Provecho!

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  1. Wow, this looks delicious. Love your site, I grew up bilingual. My parents are from Peru and I grew up in the MIdwest. Now, I’m living in Texas with my husband. He’s also from the Midwest, so our kids will be bilingual, too. 🙂

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