Guatemalan candy, dulces típicos de Guatemala

Traditional Guatemalan Candy

Guatemalan candy, also known as “dulces típicos,” are not just delicious and unique, Guatemalan sweets are also a important part of Guatemalan culture and it’s culinary traditions. If you’re looking amazing Guatemalan desserts, Guatemalan candy are a great option and there are so many varieties you’re sure to find a few favorites! In this article … Read more

Easy recipe for pupusas, receta facil para hacer pupusas

Easy Recipe for Pupusas: How to Make the Best Pupusas

This easy recipe for pupusas is a great way to bring the flavor of this delicious dish from El Salvador home. I have included easy step-by-step instructions for making pupas as well as tips for making the best dough and choose the best fillings. Pupusas are a very popular food not only in El Salvador, … Read more

Tripe recipe from Guatemala

Guatemalan Tripe Stew Recipe in Tomato Sauce (Panza en Tiras)

This easy Guatemalan tripe stew recipe is a traditional Guatemalan dish that is still very popular in homes both in Guatemala City and in smaller towns. Known as “tiras de panza” in Guatemala this tripe recipe blends the unique taste and texture of tripe with a thick sauce made with tomatoes, tomatillos, chiles and spices … Read more

Nixtamalization of fruit.

Guatemalan Fig Candy Recipe: Maleta de Higos

This is an easy recipe for guatemalan higos secos or higos cristalizados (dry sugared figs or crystalized figs) from Guatemala.This Guatemalan traditional candy is also referred to as maleta de higos (figs in a suitcase) because the sugared figs are usually served together in groups of four or five figs. Growing up in Guatemala, I was … Read more

Baile de los Venados folkloric dance in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Festivals, Celebrations and Important Dates

Whether it’s the solemnity of Holy Week,  the lively hues of the Flower Festival or the buzzing excitement of the fiestas patronales Antigua’s festivals and cultural celebrations offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Guatemalan heritage. Here’s your guide to the most important festivals in Antigua, complete with dates and what to expect. I’ve … Read more

La Merced Church, Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide: the Best Tips from a Local

In this Antigua Guatemala travel guide, you will find what makes Antigua a unique and must-visit destination. I also share my personal recommendations for things to do in Antigua, where to eat, when to visit, tips, and things to avoid. Most importantly, I share some of Antigua’s hidden secrets. What makes this guide to Antigua, … Read more

Receta de lengua en salsa roja

Lengua en Salsa Roja Recipe from Guatemala (Beef Tounge Recipe)

Lengua in Salsa Roja is a traditional Guatemalan dish. This Guatemalan recipe for lengua en salsa roja uses beef tongue cooked slowly in a rich tomato sauce, showcasing the depth of Guatemala’s food traditions. This beef tongue recipe combines the soft texture of this meat with the rich and flavors of the tomato sauce, making … Read more

The most beautiful Guatemalan folk dances

Folk Dances in Guatemala: Their Meaning, History and Where to See Them

Guatemalan traditional dances are a vibrant expression of the country’s rich cultural heritage, blending ancient rituals with colorful storytelling. Here you will find the most popular danzas folcloricas or folk dances in Guatemala. I will be sharing each dance’s significance in Guatemalan traditions, it’s history as well as the when and where you can see … Read more