The Best Time to Visit Guatemala: A Seasonal Guide

The Best Time to Visit Guatemala: A Seasonal Guide

In this guide you will not only find when is the best time to visit Guatemala but also recommendations for traveling to Guatemala during any season. Having grown up there and still visiting regularly, I can confidently say that this country is a great destination no matter the time of the year. So even though … Read more

Best ruins in Antigua Guatemala, El Carmen Church ruins

Best Colonial Ruins in Antigua Guatemala

Exploring the colonial ruins of Antigua Guatemala should definitely be at the top of your list of things to do in Antigua. From convents with gorgeous courtyards and crumbled cathedrals to stunning baroque churches this list of the best colonial ruins in Antigua has it all! As someone who knows Antigua Guatemala well this city … Read more

Best Mayan ruins in Guatemala. Zaculeu archeological site.

Best Mayan Ruins to Visit in Guatemala

If you’re planning to visit Guatemala, checking out the Mayan ruins in the region is surely included in your Guatemala itinerary!!  The remains of the once-dominant Mayan cities offer a glimpse into one of the greatest early civilizations, whose technological advancements are still quite impressive to this day. While Tikal is a must-visit, and on … Read more

Tips for starting your Florida butterfly garden

A Guide to Building a Butterfly Garden in Florida

This complete guide to creating a butterfly garden in Florida has all of the information you need from the best Florida native host plants to native plants to attract butterflies.  As someone who loves butterflies and gardening, I’m excited to share my tips on creating a beautiful butterfly garden right in your own backyard. With … Read more

How to make Kakik

Kak’ik: A Comforting Guatemalan Turkey Soup

Get ready to fall in love with Kak’ik, a traditional Guatemalan soup that’ll surely warm your heart and soul! This Guatemalan dish is packed with flavor and nutritious ingredients, with its juicy turkey, warming spices, and fresh veggies. This Mayan dish is the perfect comfort food for those chilly nights or family gatherings, and it’s … Read more

Rosa de Jamaica traditional drink from Guatemala

Rosa de Jamaica Recipe

This is an easy recipe for rosa de jamaica or agua de jamaica, a traditional drink from Guatemala. Made with dried hibiscus flowers, this bright red drink is popular throughout Latin America. It is a perfect fruity punch to enjoy on a hot summer day alongside other traditional Guatemalan foods.  From Guatemala With Love: The … Read more

Delicious guatemalan barquillos recipe

Barquillos Recipe: Delicious Guatemalan Cookies

Barquillos are crunchy sweet cookies rolled into long cylinders. This barquillos recipe is easy to make! And if you’ve never had these delicious wafer roll cookies, you’ll surely fall in love with them. Barquillos are very popular in Guatemala and many other Latin American countries. These Guatemalan cookies are light, crispy, and delicious, perfect for … Read more

Best recipe for horchata

Easy Horchata Recipe from Guatemala

Horchata (or agua de horchata) is a traditional Guatemalan drink made with rice, water, and milk. Guatemalan horchata is a bit different than Mexican horchata in that it usually contains toasted seeds giving it a unique flavor. This sweet, creamy, and refreshing beverage makes it ideal for enjoying on a hot spring or summer day. … Read more