how to take the best photos of your children

5 Creative Kids Photography Ideas to Watch Out For

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Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Nachos

The Best Turkey Leftover Recipes

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Easy and quick spider Halloween cupcakes

Super Easy Halloween Cupcakes You Can Make In Under 10 minutes

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traditional Guatemalan dessert jocotes en miel

Jocotes en Miel, An Easy Guatemalan Dessert

Jocotes en Miel is a traditional Guatemalan food commonly served around the Day of the Dead celebrations. These juicy jocotes (hog plums) are cooked in a bubbling sweet syrup and heavenly spices. This post will teach you how to prepare this simple yet delicious Guatemalan recipe perfect for the Día de Los Muertos festivities. So, … Read more

Halloween-Fruit-Salad-and other healthy Halloween breakfast ideas

Easy Halloween Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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