Ways In Which Kids Can Protect the Environment

There are many ways in which kids can help protect the environment. Here we give you a few ideas of things you can do together as a family to help protect the planet. All of these activities are a great option for Earth Day and every day!kids recycling plastic and cardboard

Living in sunny Florida we have the opportunity to get out and explore nature the whole year through. There aren’t too many days when it’s impossible to head outside, unless it’s hurricane season and we are indoors, battening down the hatches!  From the beach to the Everglades, we love getting outside and exploring the beauty of nature in the tropics.

No matter where you live, there is nature all around that you can enjoy with your family, too. Earth Day is April 22nd and if you have been a little hesitant or just not that “into” nature, there is no better time to take the family out than on the one day, the entire year, we come together to celebrate our home planet and do our part to keep her in tip top shape!

For those new to the great outdoors, here are a few tips to celebrate Earth Day and get outside, in a fun way, with your family while helping the planet.

recycling game

Rewinding your yard

Rewilding your yard can be a fantastic family project that brings everyone closer to nature. Rewilding involves transforming your yard into a more natural and wildlife-friendly space by allowing native plants to grow, reducing the use of chemical pesticides, and creating habitats for insects, birds, and small animals. If you have a dead tree or fallen branches, parents can use a chainsaw to cut them into smaller pieces. Kids can then help create a brush pile, which provides shelter and nesting sites for various creatures, such as birds, rabbits, and beneficial insects. This hands-on approach not only enhances the local ecosystem but also teaches children the importance of supporting and protecting the environment.

Recycling game

The kids can go around the house looking for an item to recycle and get a reward for the effort.  Step it up a notch and walk to your local park and grab recyclable trash, to help the planet and keep play areas nice and clean.

Hoof it!

Instead of going out in the car, go for a walk or grab the bicycle with the kids and enjoy the neighborhood. If you check out Google, I’ll bet there are some bike or walking trails very close to your neighborhood that will put you into nature, even more.


Do your kids love watching videos online?  How about, together, watching some fun and educational videos about conservation efforts and the importance of maintaining animals’ habitats. If one cause speaks to your family, see about easy ways you can get involved and make a difference together!

reuse old toy parts
We reused parts from a toy car, old plastic cup and a few old wires to create this drawing robot!

Reduce and Reuse

Teach your family the importance of conserving electricity water and fuel. Turn off faucets while brushing your teeth, turn lights off and TV off when not in use and install power strips to really turn off all those appliances that continue to draw energy even when we think they aren’t on (psst it will reduce your utility bills too !)  Encourage kids to find items to donate (reuse) or repurpose.  There are lots of upcycling (repurposing) projects on Pinterest to turn conservation into a family crafting opportunity!

Get out and grow!

Start a vegetable garden in pots or a small plot in your backyard.  Check out community gardens and see if you and your family can learn about growing your own fruits and vegetables from experts in gardening in your part of the country.

5 Ways In Which Kids Can Protect the Environment




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  1. En casa tratamos de hacer todo lo posible por cuidar nuestro planeta, que bonita y divertida campaña para enseñar a los niños.


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