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This soccer-themed charcuterie board is perfect for enjoying while watching your favorite UEFA Champions League soccer games!

You could say that my love for futbol or soccer is in my blood. My dad is a huge futbol fan, in fact now that he is retired watching soccer is his favorite pastime. Growing up we would watch UEFA Champions League games and this is still something that we enjoy doing together and brings us closer. Futbol is part of my culture, it’s what I would play at recess or with my neighbors in the street. Soccer is just such an important part of my life.

Whether we’re cheering for the same team or for different teams during a match, there is nothing more fun than watching players use their skill and strength. There’s something so exciting about seeing one of my favorite UEFA Champions League players, like Messi, score a goal! The energy is electric, everyone is cheering and jumping and screaming GOOOOOOOL at the top of their lungs! There are few things as exciting as seeing your favorite team win a game! 

The sense of pride when you’re Champions League team is playing, and even more, when they are winning is something hard to describe! It’s about sticking with your team whether they win or lose and supporting them through the good and the bad times too. 

As a huge UEFA Champions League fan I am so excited about the new Pepsi available in limited edition Lionel Messi cans. They add a lot of fun to my soccer snack spread and are perfect as we enjoy watching EUFA matches at home! I’m also loving the new Pepsi Mango. This Pepsi with a splash of mango is a perfect flavor match, so refreshing and different. I always drink Pepsi and I think it’s great that they are the proud partners of the UEFA Champions League. And Pepsi not only supports the teams I root for and the sport I love but they also enable fans to get closer to the sport, tournament, and players and empowers the Latinx community to unapologetically enjoy futbol and show their pride for their favorite teams.  Check out the Publix Offer Hub! Pepsi OFFER HUB

Having lots of snacks ready for everyone watching the soccer games is also a huge part of my family’s soccer-watching tradition. And creating a soccer-themed snack board is the perfect way to include all of the foods everyone enjoys from cheeses and charcuterie to pretzels and fruit. And of course this year I am including the Pepsi limited edition Lionel Messi cans and Pepsi Mango cans.

I always get all of my snacks and Pepsi limited edition Lionel Messi cans and Pepsi Mango cans and Publix. Make sure to check out the visit the Pepsi OFFER HUB

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