Cleaning Tips for Families with Pets


Tracking PixelI have partnered with Infuse to share with you cleaning tips for families with pets that will help you keep your house clean and are pet-friendly!

Cleaning Tips for Families with Pets

When it comes to cleaning after your pets you want to make sure that you use products that are not only pet-friendly but also tough on messes.

Cleaning Tips for Families with Pets

If you’re a pet parent you know that although pets fill your life with love and happiness they also bring some minor and major messes into your home. 

Cleaning products safe for bearded dragons

Choose the right cleaning products

Whether our dog Sally is tracking in mud or our bearded dragon Dart had an accident on the kitchen floor we want to make sure that the products we are using to clean are non-toxic and powerful enough to clean up the messes. That is why choosing the right cleaning products for our family is so important.

Review of the Infuse cleaning products

I am super excited about the Infuse line of products at Target. The formulas are non-toxic which means they are safer for everyone in your family including your pets. It’s so important for me to know that the products we are using to clean are pet-friendly for our fur baby Sally and our scaly little guy, Dart. 

Cleaning tips for safely cleaning up pet messes

The Infuse products work great. We have been testing them all around the house and I’m impressed by their cleaning power. The system is also eco-conscious, which is something I’m especially excited about because my goal this year is to reduce waste and by changing a lot of the cleaning products I was using before to Infuse, I will be reducing a lot of plastic waste in the future. 

The Infuse cleaning system

The Infuse mop has a reusable microfiber pad. This means that I no longer need to purchase costly disposable mop pads. I can just rewash the mop pad and this also reduces waste so it’s a more eco-conscious option. And the Infuse refillable spray bottles use a concentrated cleaning cartridge which means there is less to ship. Just one truck of Infuse concentrates replaces 30 trucks of most traditional pre-diluted cleaning liquids. That is a lot less shipping!

The best products for cleaning pet messes

We are loving the Infuse caddy, it’s a great way to keep all of our cleaning products in one place and it’s easy to carry into any room that needs to be cleaned. And right now, you can use coupon code Growingupbilingual20 to save 20% off an Infuse starter kit. Expires November 1st 2020. 

Stop messes before they happen

When it comes to pets you can take easy steps to reduce the messes. The things you can do will depend on the types of pets you have. For us, getting an indoor doormat that traps dirt and mud has made a huge difference. Sally used to track lots of sand in from the back yard, we live in Florida and our yard is sandy. Now most of the sand is trapped on the mat which means a lot less cleaning.

Brushing Sally regularly is also a great way to reduce the amount of hair that ends up forming dust bunnies behind the furniture. We also try to keep her hair short, especially in the summer when she sheds a lot. 

Get the kids involved

Getting kids involved in house chores, including cleaning is not only a great way to get everything done quickly but it also teaches kids responsibility. Part of my kid’s responsibility is cleaning up after their pets. Our dog Sally is my daughter’s responsibility and Dart, the bearded dragon is my son’s responsibility. 

How to get kids excited about cleaning

Besides cleaning messes as they happen we also have a cleaning day every week. This means we all clean together, and get all of those weekly cleaning chores done quickly and efficiently.

With Infuse products I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals. Infuse products are free from carcinogens, phthalates, parabens and endocrine disruptors which means they are safer for kids and pets. 

Let your pets make cleaning more fun

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious job. You can make it fun. At home we like to put on some music and clean to the beat of our favorite tunes. 

Cleaning tips for safely cleaning up pet messes

We’ve also found that getting our pets involved in chores like cleaning really motivates our kids. My son loves to put Dart on his shoulder while he cleans and our dog Sally loves watching us mop the floors. When she was a puppy she loved to chase the mop back and forth and now that she’s an older dog she just sits and watches like she’s supervising. 

Non-toxic cleaning products safe for pets

This post has been sponsored by Infuse, however all opinions are my own. 

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  1. That’s a great way to have your kid help with cleaning. I also like to put upbeat music on and make cleaning a little less boring

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  3. I agree, choosing the right cleaning products is very challenging if you have pets at home but grateful to know that this product is safety for our lovely pets.

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