Dia de los Muertos Skull Box Crafts

Dia de los Muertos craft I was really excited to find these cute skull Papier-mâché at Michaels. To make these cute boxes you will need:
– Papier-mâché skull boxes
– White spray paint
– Black marker, I used a black oil paint Sharpie
– Markers or pait in fun colors

Start by painting the boxes white. Then make a design with the black marker.

My kids really had a blast making these little boxes and they look so cute.
They loved them so much that they painted both the front and the back on them.

You can make so many different designs and paint these in so many different ways.

These make a great craft idea for kids for a Día de los Muertos party and they will look beautiful decorating a Día de los Muertos altar.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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24 thoughts on “Dia de los Muertos Skull Box Crafts”

  1. Very cute! I have some of those boxes . I like how yours came out! I see your from Guatemala. Would you know how to make Guatemalan tamales by any chance? My God-sister is Guatemalan and her aunt the tamale lady passed away and I haven’t had a decent one since she died 4 yrs ago. All the ones I have tried since all have bones in them. 🙁 I’m in LA. Wish I could make them!

  2. I haven’t seen anything like these boxes. What a great project for kids at Halloween and any other theme-related gatherings. Something different always makes a more enjoyable party. Enjoy.


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