Preventing Digestive Problems During the Holidays

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The holidays are almost here and along with the decorations, cheer and delicious foods, this time of the year can sometimes be tough on our stomach. That is why I am sharing some of the steps I take for preventing digestive problems during the holidays. 

tips for preventing stomach problems during the holidays

As I have shared before I have a pretty sensitive stomach. And during the holidays with all of the greasy foods, the heavy desserts and the stress, I have to be very careful to avoid digestive issues which can range from bloating and acid reflux to an upset stomach or diarrhea. 

So every year I make conscious choices to avoid stomach issues and I also stock up on IMODIUM® Multi-Symptom Relief, as well as LACTAID®, and PEPCID AC® so that I am ready to tackle any stomach issues quickly!

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Preventing Digestive Problems During the Holidays


Preventing Digestive Problems During the Holidays

Here are some of my tips for avoiding an upset stomach during the holidays.

Watch what you eat

Making good choices about what we eat during the holidays can make a huge difference.

preventing digestive issues during the holidays

  • Stay away from trigger foods. Whether it’s lactose, greasy foods, sodas, too much sugar, or spicy foods, we all have foods that can trigger digestive issues or even cause diarrhea. I make a conscious effort to avoid foods that can upset my stomach. 
  • Don’t overeat. The holidays are all about indulging in favorite foods but that doesn’t mean we have to overdo it or binge eat. If I want to have a second helping for Thanksgiving I will usually only choose a couple of my favorites instead of having a second helping of everything.
  • Get enough fiber and water. Holiday foods are usually high in fat content and low in fiber, this can lead to constipation, bloating, and other stomach issues. Make sure you’re getting enough fiber and water in your diet during the holidays to prevent constipation.
  • Eat consciously and slowly. Paying attention to what you eat will help you make better decisions and eating slowly may prevent you from eating more than you need to. 
  • Balance things out. If you know you will be having fatty foods at a holiday dinner or lots of sweets during Halloween, then balance that out with a healthy, light lunch and breakfast.

Find ways to manage your stress

I suffer from holiday stress and anxiety every year. There is just so much going on and this year has been especially tough with a lot of changes in the world and in our lives like moving recently. And whenever I get stressed, my stomach acts up and gets super sensitive. That is why this year I’m making a very conscious effort to focus on self-care and take things slow to reduce stress. 

Tips for managing stress

I usually try to take some time to myself by going on a hike or heading to the beach but it’s not always that easy to leave the house, especially when the kids doing virtual school. That is why I’m finding ways to relax and take time at home. Taking a break outside with a cup of tea, listening to relaxing music, doing yoga or meditating, are some of the ways in which I manage stress at home.

Wash your hands, correctly and often

We’ve all become quite the experts in washing our hands these last few months. But it’s always a good idea to mention it again, washing your hands is the best way to get rid of germs and also the best way to prevent diarrhea. And it is important to wash your hands even if you’re not leaving your home, as there are lots of things in our home that can get us sick and lead to stomach problems. Just remember to scrub your hands with antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds to make sure you’re really getting them clean and really disinfecting them. 

wash your hands

Now that the holidays are almost here and I know we’re all going to be cooking a lot at home, I’m reminding everyone in my family to wash their hands before eating, before preparing food, after going to the bathroom, after touching garbage, and after touching or cleaning up after any of our pets. 

Cook safely

There is so much cooking going on in our house during the holidays and there are usually a lot more people helping out in the kitchen. I love to get the kids involved in cooking with me but I also want to make sure that we all follow food safety precautions to avoid anyone getting sick. 

  • Rinse your fruits and vegetables under running water – Before you put those apples in your fruit bowl or add those grapes to your charcuterie board, make sure to wash them. Rinsing your fruits and vegetables removes dirt, insects, and many other things that may get you sick. 

Wash fruits and vegetables

  • Avoid cross-contamination. Keep food cold and covered until you’re ready to cook it. When handling any type of raw meat make sure that you keep it separate from other foods and that any plates, containers, or utensils that touch raw meat don’t touch anything else. 
  • Keep food cold. It’s important to keep all perishable foods cold and make sure you don’t leave perishable foods out of the fridge for too long. 

Be prepared

You don’t want to deal with the discomfort, bloating, and pain that comes with diarrhea when you’re trying to enjoy the holiday season with your family. That is why I make sure that I have IMODIUM® on hand during this time of the year. No OTC brand is faster or more effective for diarrhea relief and IMODIUM® combines two powerful ingredients for fast relief of diarrhea*. Plus relief of gas, cramps, and bloating. It’s no wonder that IMODIUM® is the #1 doctor recommended brand of OTC anti-diarrheal products for over 20 years!


To prevent and relieve digestive discomfort during the holidays I also stock up on PEPCID AC® and LACTAID®. And if take them with me if I’m going to visit family or friends. 

preventing and treating an upset stomach

I always get IMODIUM® , PEPCID AC® and LACTAID® at my neighborhood Walmart. I really like that it’s so convenient to order online or do in-store pick up so I don’t have to go into the store if I don’t’ want to. 

Imodium at Walmart
Tips for preventing digestive problems during the holidays

*among OTC anti-diarrheal medicines

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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20 thoughts on “Preventing Digestive Problems During the Holidays”

  1. That charcuterie board looks delicious. It’s hard to always avoid trigger foods during the holidays, but Pepcid AD helps.

  2. I find that I have to be intentional about making sure we get fresh fruits and veggies at this time of year. It’s not as easy to do as during the summer, but it seems to help us all stay feeling better.

  3. I love this! Imodium is a great relief I’ve used that before for discomfort, bloating. and Proper diet and balance is important specially now in coming holidays we eat lots of food so self control is the key.

  4. Managing stress is important during the holidays. I work from home so having the kids there adds to the stress. I always wash my hands well even before current issues. Probably the OCD lol.

  5. These are some wonderful tips. I know this is a time where digestive problems can usually get worse. I’ll have to look in to some of these products.

  6. This are very important we love to eat but we have to control ourselves in eating too much..we need to have a first aid like this

  7. I take a daily medication to prevent heartburn. A few weeks ago, I ran out of my medication and it was complete torture.

    I tend to overeat during the holidays. There are so many good recipes that are only around this time of the year. I just do my best not to over indulge.


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