Tips for Self Care During the Holidays

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Self-care and taking time for yourself is very important and more so during the holidays. These tips for self-care during the holidays will have helped me reduce stress and anxiety during the holiday season.

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Easy Tips for Self Care During the Holidays

It’s hard to believe it but this year is finally coming to an end. The holidays are just around the corner and although I’m excited I also want to make sure that this year the holidays are not a source of stress and anxiety. That is why I’m focusing on simple things that bring me joy. Here are some of my tips for self-care during the holidays.

Focus on what’s important

This year has taught me a lot of lessons and the most important one is to focus on what is important for me and my family. When it comes to holidays I’m focusing on creating memories over buying gifts, on enjoying time together, and on self-care.

Create a Self Care Calendar

During the holiday season, it’s very important to remember to take care of yourself. One useful method to ensure you’re looking after your well-being is by creating a self-care calendar. This involves scheduling specific times for activities that help you relax and recharge. I found the Serenity Kids self-care guide to be a helpful tool in planning my self-care calendar. It offered a variety of suggestions that I could adapt to fit my own schedule. By using this guide, I was able to make time for myself, even during the busiest parts of the holiday season, which helped me enjoy the time more and feel less stressed.

Take Some Me Time

Self-care doesn’t have to be something complicated, you can take me time throughout the day by making small changes in your routine. These add up over time and help you feel more joyful and less stressed over time.

Tips for self care during the holidays

I take time for myself every day and do small things that bring me joy and make me feel recharged and motivated. One of those things I love doing is turning shower-time into a spa-like experience with Softsoap® Body Wash.

I don’t know about you but shower time is a special time for me. It’s the perfect opportunity to treat myself because I’m alone and can really disconnect from everything going on around me. And ever since I’ve been using Softsoap Body Wash Blackberry Sugar my shower time has been transformed into a spa-like experience. This exfoliating body wash contains real blackberry juice and sugar and it has such a luxurious fragrance that really wakes up my senses and transports me to a happy place. Its unique formula has a rich, indulgent lather and is gentle enough to use daily.

I also love the Softsoap Body Wash Coconut Butter Scrub. Made with real coconut seed butter this body wash is designed to gently exfoliate and retain your skin’s natural moisture. It smells so good, it’s like being transported to a tropical island and it leaves my skin feeling so soft!

When I want to feel pampered I use Softsoap Body Wash Lustrous Glow Rose & Vanilla. The fragrant, rich lather, and exfoliating properties along with the delicious rose and vanilla scent leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing.


For me, the best way to destress and recharge is by spending time outdoors. Find what recharges your energy and make sure you set some time in your busy holiday schedule to do that. Whether it’s hiking, biking, watching holiday movies with your family or working out, put some time in your calendar to do things that bring you joy and make your feel energized.

Treat Yourself

I feel that the biggest reason why we tend to feel stressed and burned out during the holiday season is that we fail to make time for ourselves. We’re so busy running around buying presents, decorating, cooking, and worrying about the money that we don’t pause and take care of us.

Treating yourself to something that makes you feel good makes a huge difference in how you feel. When I want to treat myself I go for something that is easy and will make me feel great without making me feel guilty afterward. I have found that although a shopping spree, a full day at the spa, or indulging in my favorite chocolate bar makes me feel good sometimes I also end up feeling guilty because I spent too much on stuff I didn’t need or ate too many calories and now feel sluggish.

This holiday season I’m treating myself to my favorite Softsoap Body Wash varieties. I love that Soft Soap® Body Wash comes in a great variety of scents and my favorite are the body wash scrubs. They help me turn those few minutes I spend in the shower into a rejuvenating experience at the same time using a product that helps my skin retain it’s natural moisture. And all Softsoap Body Wash products are formulated without parabens and phthalates, which is a huge plus for me!


Through the years I have learned to simplify when it comes to the holidays. I no longer care about what other people think but only about what my family and I enjoy doing. I have simplified everything from my holiday decor to my gift list and I’ve found that for me less is more. Simplifying also reduces stress and makes everything I love about the holidays, from decorating and cooking to gift giving so much more enjoyable!

I’m simplifying gift-giving by reducing gift shopping to a minimum. For my close family members, I am focusing on gifting experiences and for everyone else, I’m getting gift cards. This has turned gift-giving into something enjoyable versus something stressful.

I picked up my favorite Softsoap Body Wash varieties at Walmart along with some holiday decor items to set the mood and surround myself with some holiday cheer. I love that I can order them online and pick up at the store, it’s so convenient and stress-free. And right now you can earn $.75 cash back on any size SoftSoap® Body Wash on ibotta

Tips for self care during the holiday season

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. I think self-care is exceptionally important during the holidays, especially this year. Things have been so crazy, we have to remember to make sure we give ourselves the time we need.

  2. If there’s a lesson to be learned this year, it’s that we can live simply. I think we’ve all realized what’s really important in our lives. Health, family, love. Self care included!

  3. These are some really good tips. This year is going to be tough on trying to do self care. I’ve had a hard time with it myself already. It’s been so tough dealing with homeschool and such that it’s hard to take time for yourself.

  4. I totally need to pamper myself and this makes a great reference. Thanks for sharing as this is very essential to the growth of one’s self.

  5. Self care is so important and necessary especially during times of stress like the holidays and covid. Taking time for me in the shower or with a bubble bath helps alot. Great article

  6. Self-care is important especially these says, love the looks of those body wash, i can smell how good they are.

    PS. Love your plant rack too!


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