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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kid’s Presents

Monster truck gift wrapping idea I have always believe that it’s not about the gift but about the love you put into gift giving and a great part of that, for me, is the gift wrapping.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to wrap gifts in a special way making them really memorable.  All you need is a little creativity, let your imagination run wild and have some fun with your gift wrapping.

craft materials

I started of with a very festive and fun reindeer.  All you need for this a roll of kraft paper, white printer paper, a pice of cardboard (I cut up a box), red and black card stock, a black marker, a pair of scissors, tape and glue.

reindeer holiday gift wrap

First you warp your box in brown Kraft paper. Then cut the cardboard box to make the antlers and ears.  Trace the eyes and mouth on the white card stock, then trace the nose and tongue on the red card stock, trace the eyebrows on the black card stock and cut.  Use the marker and to add details to the eyes, mouth and ears. Glue the antlers on the top of the box and the ears on the sides. I used a glue gun. Then using a glue stick glue the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows on the front of the box.   This came out super cute and I know that my kids will be so surprised by the wrapping.

robot gift wrapping ideaa

My son loves robots and monster trucks so inspired by what he loves we created these two wrapping ideas.  For the robot we used two boxes wrapped in different colors, since this is a Christmas present we chose red and green but this would also look great with other colors or with silver. For the eyes, antenna and the gear panel in the front we used white card stock and marker and for the hands and feet we used cardboard from an old box.

truck excavator wrapping

The monster truck themed gift wrap was the easiest.  For this one we just wrapped the box in kraft paper, crumpled some additional kraft paper to make it look like a rugged, mountainous terrain and placed a little monster truck on it. I have to admit that the open front box for this toy was ideal for this.

Monster truck gift wrapping idea

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  1. Jennifer Williams

    That is so cute, I want to try this out for my kids gifts. I think it is easy enough that I can do it.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Fast Facts about Nutrisystem My Way and Fast 5My Profile

  2. Adin B

    So far I have not spend anything on wrapping presents. I saved those brown paper that comes in the packages and I used it to wrap my kids’ presents. I will have to add a little bit of something though, but at least didn’t have to spend a bunch on wrappers. These are cute though!

  3. Kelli

    These ideas are super cute! I love getting all frilly with my holiday wrapping as well, but I do limit it to my parents and grandparents. I have way to many nieces and nephews would take me a year to do this for all of them. lol But I do LOVE IT!!
    Kelli recently posted…Tasting Room by Lot 18 ~ #WineGetsPersonal ~ Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers from @TastingRoomComMy Profile

  4. Mel Cole

    This is so cool and very creative in giving presents to kids :)

  5. Chubskulit Rose

    That is such a great idea, how fun!
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted…Fun-Cam Moment with my DaughterMy Profile

  6. becca

    that is so cute ilove how the truck looks to be off road driving
    becca recently posted…Write Your Heart Out 12-22-13My Profile

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