Churrasco Tacos With Chimichurri Sauce

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churrasco tacos with chimichurri sauce

Summer is almost at an end, the kids are going back to school but we’re trying to stretch those summer days with family as much as we can. One of our favorite things to do in summer is grilling. Putting steaks on the grill and letting the smell of smoky churrasco fill the air brings me so many memories of summers spent back home in Guatemala at my grandparents granja. Mi abuelo Francis loved grilling and he would go beyond grilling steaks, he also loved to grill mushrooms that we would buy at the mercado in the small town of San Juan Sacatepequez. Some of the most fond memories of my childhood are tied to that small farm, playing with my cousins, exploring, taking a walk down to the waterfall and looking for mushrooms.

churrasco tacos with chimichurri sauce

This weekend as we got ready for the kids to start school we made some delicious churrasco tacos. As the steaks sizzled in the grill I shared with my kids those childhood memories and told them all about the abuelo’s granja back in Gutemala.

For this recipe I got some inspiration by the churrasco with chimichurri sauce recipe I found on the Vive Mejor website I decided to create one of my own. I love that this recipe uses Knorr bouillon to season the steak and the chimichurri sauce. Knorr was a brand that my family, from mom to grandmother, have used in their kitchens always and creating recipes using Knorr and passing those down to my kids is part of our family’s cooking tradition now.

churrasco tacos with chimichurri sauce

Churrasco Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce


  • 1 cup firmly packed flat-leaf parsley
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/4 cup PLUS 1 Tbsp. olive oil, divided
  • 3 Tbsp. white wine vinegar
  • 2 tsp. Knorr® Chicken flavor Bouillon
  • 1 Tbsp. Knorr® Beef flavor Bouillon
  • 1 lb. skirt steak
  • tortillas
  • avocado

churrasco tacos with chimichurri sauce


  • To make chimichurri sauce, process parsley and garlic in food processor until very finely chopped. Combine in small bowl with 1/4 cup oil, vinegar and Knorr® Chicken flavor Bouillon; set aside.
  • Combine remaining 1 tablespoon oil with Knorr® Beef flavor Bouillon in small bowl; rub over steak.
  • Grill steak, turning once, until desired doneness.
  • Serve steak on warm tortillas topped with chimichurri sauce and avocado

churrasco tacos with chimichurri sauce

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24 thoughts on “Churrasco Tacos With Chimichurri Sauce

  1. Grilling is one of my favorite things about summer too. Thankfully, here in the south, we can grill just about all year long. I’ll have to add skirt steak to my grocery list so I can make your tacos. They look amazing.

  2. Your churrasco tacos look scrumptious. Not sure why we never make anything but traditional tacos but I have Pinned your recipe and I’m adding this to my menu soon! I love the fact that it doesn’t require a ton of ingredients!

  3. This looks AH-mazing! For some reason I am always craving something like this! I am hungry just looking at the screen now! I KNOW I will add these to my list for next week to try.

  4. I loved chimichurri ever since I first tasted and I have been making it ever since for steaks and for other recipes! I think this is awesome and it’s definitely something that both me and my husband will enjoy.

  5. This Churrasco taco recipe looks amazing. Think I’ll have to make this for lunch or dinner soon. I’ll be sure to check out the Vive Mejor website for some recipe inspiration.

  6. Oh my goodness, these look amazing! I have to try them out. I love tacos and trying different recipes, so it’ll be on my recipe list for SURE! Yum!

  7. Yummm! I love tacos and always looking for new recipes to change them up a bit! Will have to give these ones a try on the weekend!

  8. The chimichurri sauce sounds delicious. We are big on garlic in this house and I am sure my husband and kids would love this recipe. Thanks for sharing. We’re making this very soon.

  9. I need to break out of my taco mode. All I ever fix is the same ole tacos. I’m going to have to try your recipe and other recipes I’ve found so we don’t get bored with tacos.

  10. The tacos look great!!
    The problem with using Knorr’s is they have very little actual chicken in their chicken broth. Got anything better than this chemically laden chicken (sic) broth?

  11. This looks really interesting and healthy. I am excited to try this since I love chimichurri sauce. Would you recommend trying other meats with this? Perhaps chicken or pork?

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