Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

These Nella the Princess Knight DIY mini piñatas are so easy to make and are perfect for a Nella the Princess Knight themed party! Thank you, Nickelodeon for sponsoring this post and letting me share with my readers why I think that Nella the Princess Knight is a great TV series for preschool girls (and boys) that you can watch weekdays on Nickelodeon!

Nella the Princess Knight

If you have a preschooler and have not heard about Nickelodeon’s TV series Nella the Princess Knight you really have to check this awesome show out. It’s on every weekday on Nick Jr. Filled with positive messages and with a strong and inclusive role model Nella is a show your kids will not enjoy and learn from. Nella is more than a princess and more than a knight. She’s the princess-knight! With the help of her friends Sir Garret, Trinket, and Clod, Nella breaks barriers, challenges expectations, and fights for justice on every adventure. A hero unlike any other, Nella always stays true to herself through determination, power, and courage.

My kids, like most kids, have limited TV time and when I am deciding what my kids should be watching I really take a good look at the TV programs and look for TV series that are educational and provide positive role models that my kids can really identify with and see themselves in. That is why I am loving Nella the Princess Knight animated series on Nickelodeon! Created with preschoolers in mind this series follows Nella, an unconventional 8-year-old princess who transforms into a knight whenever she or her friends run into a problem that needs to be solved. I really love everything about Nella’s concept: she is a fantastic role model for girls as she is both beautiful and strong, caring, compassionate and brave and can wear pretty dresses and shining tiara but also rocks a knightly armor and can yield a sword.

Nella Be Your OWn Hero Badge
My daughter has always loved superheroes but she usually gravitated towards male superheroes because she could not find a heroine who was strong, determined, courageous and a leader. She could not find a heroine that wore pants as well as pretty dressed or that was strong and could ride a horse like she does; in this case, Nella rides a strong and beautiful unicorn! With her brown skin and black hair, Nella is a princess knight that my daughter and many Latina girls and girls of color and mixed race can identify with because she looks like them. Representation really matters and being able to see yourself in a strong and caring character you love creates positive self-worth and motivates you and it’s important for young girls to see those positive role models that they can identify with.

Nella the Princess Knight

Nella is a character who girls can really connect to, but it’s also a fun series with exciting and imaginative storylines filled with adventures, unicorns, and friendship. What sets Nella the Princess Knight apart from other animated series is that it was created with the idea of promoting self-confidence, inclusiveness, and compassion for others and this are not something that you find a lot of when it comes to TV programming geared to preschoolers.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Inspired by Nella I decided to create some easy to make pully string piñatas. These are made with materials you will most likely find in your home and they are a fun way to keep kids entertained. Making these cute piñatas with your kids will also give you the opportunity to spark some conversations about Nella and what it means to be courageous, fearless and kind and how everyone can be their own hero by being the best version of themselves!


  • Toilet paper tubes (one for every piñata you want to make)
  • Light teal tissue paper
  • Light purple tissue paper
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Free printable with Nella the Princess Knight images HERE
  • White curling ribbon
  • X-Acto knife
  • knife
  • Small candies, toys, confetti and Nella stickers and badges to put inside the piñatas. Get the free Nella printable badges to create the stickers HERE.


Step 1. Cut 6” x 3” strips of both color tissues. You will need 10 of the teal and 2 of the purple.

Step 2. Wrap one strip of teal over one end of the toilet roll and secure around the edge with glue. Then, wrap another strip over the first one again, securing the edges with glue.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 3. Use the razor or X-acto knife to make two small slits (as shown) that will later be used to thread the ribbon through.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 4. Using sets of two tissue paper strips at a time, take 3 sets of teal and one set of purple and fold them in half the long way. Use the scissors to make small cuts across the edge of the tissue (as shown).

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 5. Use the glue gun to secure the purple strip to the bottom of the toilet paper tube (on the end that is covered with the tissue paper). Make sure that the bottom fringe of the purple tissue is even with the bottom edge.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 6. One by one, wrap the 3 teal strips around the tube working your way up. Make sure that the toilet paper tube does not show through between the layers. You will have room left at the top.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 7. Take a strip of teal tissue and use it to cover the rest of the top part of the tube.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 8. Cut a 2-foot piece of ribbon and thread both ends through the holes in the bottom of the tube.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 9. Pull the ends through the top and tie a knot in the ends. Pull the ribbon back through the bottom so that the knot is at the bottom of the paper. Be careful to not pull the string through the fragile paper!

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini PiñatasNella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 10. Print and cut out the Nella photo squares on the free printable. Glue one to the top of each tube.

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

Step 11. Fill with confetti, small goodies, tiny toys, money, etc. Use two of the teal strips of tissue to cover up the goodies by stuffing it in the top of the tube. Kids pull the string to break open the piñata.

Nella Stand Up For Kindness Badge Printable

Once you’re done with the piñatas fill them with small candy or treats. You can also print out inspiring and positive messages from Nella and turn them into stickers for your child to put on their lunch box or anywhere else so they are reminded that kindness and heart are what makes courage and bravery possible and that we are all unique and we can all be our own hero! You can print these badges and images with inspiring messages from Nella the Princess Knight HERE.

Nella the Princess Knight

These easy to make Nella mini pull string piñatas will make a fun activity for your little ones and are a great way to spend a fun afternoon. They would also make a great craft or treat for a Nella the Princess Knight themed party!

You can check out more about Nella the Princess Knight at!

Nella the Princess Knight DIY Mini Piñatas

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  1. This show sounds like it has a great message! And I love that the pinatas are both cute and easy to make.

  2. Nella the princess knight sounds like an amazing animated series, I love the whole “princess knight” thing. Seems pretty practical too. I am so going to try this out with my niece.

  3. The Pinatas are wonderful! It look like easy to make. Children will love this very much. Thanks for sharing this cute idea.

  4. Well those are so sweet. My granddaughter just had a birthday party and these would have been a fun activity to do

  5. Oh wow these are so cute! I will share this diy to my little sister, she also loves creating and crafting!

  6. Sounds like a fun idea! I bet the kids would love making those pinatas as much as they would tearing them apart to get whatever’s inside.

  7. Wow a cute way to add more fun at a girl’s party. This could also be good for other characters whether for a boy or girl.

  8. This will definitely make any party a hit! As kids love to just smash anything for fun. Lol this is a wonderful idea. THANK YOU

  9. I have not heard about the series before. But my daughter is a little past it now. I know she would have loved something like this when she was younger though. The pinatas look like a lot of fun.

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