Carnaval Cake Pops

Carnaval is a fun time to celebrate with kids.  The music, the sites and the food are so bright and vibrant; kids are just naturally drawn to the energy of Carnaval.  Here in the states Carnaval and Mardi Gras are somewhat interchangeable.  The premise is the same, which is a whole lot of partying before … Read more

Celebrate Carnaval with Carnaval Shaker Craft

Lent is an austere season in Latin America, 40 days  full of self denial and sacrifices in preparation for Easter.  But before we deprive ourselves of carnal pleasures we make sure to kick it off with a huge party known round the world as Carnaval ( see where the name comes from?)  While the Lenten … Read more

Guatemalan Bananas with Sweet Cream

Bananas are delicious on their own account! but with little effort, you can create some incredible desserts.  In Guatemala, bananas are popular, as you can imagine, and a huge variety of food is made from or accompanied by bananas.  Guatemalan Bananas are delicious and cinnamony and light, all-around fantastic.  Place these bananas on pancakes, brownies, … Read more

Valentine’s Spanish Printables – Imprimibles

Sometimes it’s hard for little ones to express their feelings in a traditional Valentine.  But everyone wants to be able to tell the ones they love just how much they care.  This simple Valentine’s printable is in Spanish and English so your younger children can create a meaningful Valentine’s day message. The premise for this … Read more

Easy Valentine’s Food Decor

Throwing a party usually results in having to throw together decorations for the table.  An easy way to add a festive look to your table can be  achieved with toothpicks and ribbon.  Spools of different ribbons are usually just a dollar or two and felt pieces can be found in the seasonal aisles of craft … Read more

DIY winter blue hair bows

Easy Hair Bow Craft

I love a simple craft that I can do with my children that they have as much fun with creating as I do.  I think most little girls love pretty barrettes, combs and ponytail holders.  It’s so much fun to create something that reflects the holidays, season or special event that they can wear and … Read more