Valentine’s Spanish Printables – Imprimibles

Sometimes it’s hard for little ones to express their feelings in a traditional Valentine.  But everyone wants to be able to tell the ones they love just how much they care.  This simple Valentine’s printable is in Spanish and English so your younger children can create a meaningful Valentine’s day message.
how do I love thee printable
The premise for this is simple; just give your little one the card in English or Spanish and let them write words that will represent the card’s recipient. For example the T in Te Amo might be Tierno or the L in Love might be Loyal.  Simple.  I recommend printing the card out on nicer paper and trimming around the scalloped edges.  You can then glue the printout to some cardstock .  It really makes a lovely and heartfelt card your child can give to a sibling, grandparent or friend.

Como te amo Imprimible

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