Dare to Bare – Atrévete a Enseñar Tu Piel

Photo: Growing Up Bilingual. All rights reserved.   
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 The heat is on!!! With these record temperatures you want to be wearing strappy dresses and sleeveless tops every day.  But what if you have dark circles … Read more

Dare to Bare – (post one of two)

This post is sponsored by Dove® ClearTone™ Deodorant – designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone.

   I am lucky, I don’t have to wait for summer to hit the beach and wear cute summer dresses and sexy bikinis. Living in Florida’s Gulf Coast we are surrounded by water and … Read more

niños plantando semillas

Creando Recuerdos para el Día de la Madre

Se acerca el Día de la Madre y este año quería hacer algo realmente especial con mis hijos que tienen 7 y 4 años.  Han estado preguntándome que van a regalarle a la abuelita para el día de la madre y por primera vez, ambos están muy entusiasmados. Para mi los regalos más valiosos son … Read more

picking eggs for Easter

Easter in the USA and Semana Santa in Guatemala

  Semana Santa and Easter Sunday are one of my children’s favorite holidays. My little guy is all about chocolate, while my daughter loves the idea of the Easter bunny, the parties, and crafts. Easter is almost over, and even though I swear I only looked away for a second, my kids run around the … Read more

My Abuelita’s Recipe: Leche guisada

This is a very special recipe for me and I am really glad I finally got around to sharing it.  My abuelita, who is no longer with us,  used to make this every time we came over for dinner and besides being delicious I loved getting away with eating ladyfingers soaked in wine, it make … Read more