Guatemalan tostadas with guacamole, black beans and tomato sauce

Traditional Guatemalan Tostadas Recipe

Guatemalan tostadas are traditional Guatemalan food often served as snacks or appetizers during the traditional holiday festivities. You typically spread Guatemalan tostadas with recado salsa (tomato sauce), refried black beans, and guacamole, topped with onion slices and cheese. In this post, I will share the recipes for the three types of tostadas, one of Guatemala’s … Read more

Song of las Posadas Navideñas: A Guatemalan Holiday Tradition

From December 16th to Christmas Eve, Guatemalans celebrate the traditional Posadas Navideñas. Each night, a group of people visits three houses. Through this song, a ritualistic dialogue takes place in which José and María look for lodging to spend the night. The posada song is an essential part of Christmas traditions in Mexico, Guatemala, and … Read more

The Posadas Navideñas: Christmas Traditions in Guatemala

The posadas are one of the most important Christmas traditions in Guatemala. Christmas in Guatemala is such a special time of the year filled with delicious food, traditional Christmas songs and  different holidays  and customs.  The Christmas holidays in Guatemala usually kick off with la Quema del Diablo on December 7th, followed by the posadas navideñas and … Read more

Semana Nacional de la Vacunación Contra la Influenza

Del 2 al 8 de diciembre se celebra la Semana Nacional de la Vacuna contra la Influenza. La influenza es una enfermedad contagiosa grave que puede requerir hospitalización e incluso llevar a la muerte y es mas común durante los meses de invierno especialmente de diciembre a marzo. Se estima que la influenza, también conocida … Read more

Pumpkin Arroz con Leche

Pumpkin Arroz con Leche is a delightful and easy dessert that adds a seasonal twist to the classic arroz con leche. Made with long grain rice, cinnamon stick, water, egg, milk, condensed milk, vanilla extract, pumpkin puree, and  pumpkin pie spice, this dessert is a comforting pumpkin dessert perfect for fall. This is not really … Read more