Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail with dry ice

Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail Recipe

This green zombie halloween cocktail recipe gives the classic zombie cocktail a ghoulish makeover. With it’s bright green color and eerie appearance thanks to the dry ice this green Halloween cocktail is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party! Welcome Spooky Season With the Green Zombie Halloween Cocktail Fall is upon us and … Read more

The best Barbie drink: the pink raspberry Martini

Best Barbie Cocktail: the Pink Raspberry Martini

There are lots of Barbie cocktail recipes out there but for me this Barbie martini cocktail is my favorite, and even better than the Malibu Barbie drink! Yes I’m a martini kind of girl but this pretty pink cocktail fit for a Barbie themed party for adults is fruity and delicious and is sure to … Read more

Easy Pumpkin Sangria

Easy Pumpkin Sangria: A Fall Sangria Recipe with White Wine

Craving a simple, tasty fall sangria recipe with white wine? Look no further, because this pumpkin sangria has got you covered! This delicious fall cocktail wraps up all the cozy feels of fall into a single, refreshing glass. It takes white wine sangria, a traditional favorite, and jazzes it up with classic fall flavors like … Read more

Sparkling Rosé Peach Sangria

Sparkling Rosé Peach Sangria

This Sparkling Rosé Peach Sangria is the ultimate summer cocktail, featuring the delightful combination of fresh peaches, blueberries, and effervescent rose wine. Ideal for entertaining a crowd, this light and refreshing drink will be a hit at any gathering.  ​​Summer is all about savoring the sun-kissed moments and indulging in refreshing drinks that keep you … Read more

Sppoky Halloween Cocktails

The Best Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is not just for kids! If you’re looking for the best Halloween cocktails for your Halloween party (or want fun and easy Halloween alcoholic drinks to sip after trick or treating with the kids), this post is for you! From spooky margaritas and Halloween martinis to gory and gross shots, here are many easy … Read more

apple cider mojito fall cocktail

Apple Cider Mojito Fall Cocktail

These apple cider mojitos are the perfect fall cocktail to transition from summer to fall. The classic mojito gets an autumn makeover with the addition of apple cider and fresh apples.  I could not wait any longer to start enjoying all of those fall flavors that make this season my favorite. From pumpkin spice to … Read more