Personalized Music for Kids in Spanish from La Totuga

I have shared before how music has really improved my children’s Spanish.  My little guy is quite the  musical child, he loves to sing and dance and makes up songs.  He usually prefers to sing in English even though I sing to him in Spanish every night.  But that has changed lately because we have been listening to so much music in Spanish.

Since I started my quest to find great children’s music in Spanish about a year ago both my children have learned many of the songs.  We started with the Sing With Señor CD,  then came the Music with Sara and More Music with Sara CDs and our most recent discovery is Sinfonía #1 from La Totuga. What makes this CD extraordinary is that the music is personalized. Yes you read that correctly, every single song includes your child’s name! The CD includes 6 songs interpreted in Spanish by a fantastic group of Colombian musicians.  The quality of the music is just wonderful, the name of your child blends in perfectly with each song’s lyrics as if the songs had been written not only to include your child’s name but with him or her in mind.  You can visit the the website HERE  and hear a sample song with your child’s name on it!  You just type in the name, press play and you will see what I am talking about, well actually you will be able to hear it.


There is something magical about personalized gifts and this is especially true with the Sinfonía #1 CD.  When my little guy heard it for the first time his eyes shone with excitement and awe.  He loves his songs and loves singing along.  The other day we had the CD on when he arrived from school and he didn’t like that he had missed some of his songs so we had to start the CD all over again so he could hear them all.

The CD comes with a set of musical instrument alphabet stickers so your child can put his own name on the cover. My little guy really enjoyed writing his name on his CD filled with his songs.  It’s was very sweet and very special to see him so excited about music.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. Hola,
    Ya he regalado estos cd y me gustaria pedir 4 mas!
    Me podrias dar tu tel para llamarte la proxima semana y pedirtelos?
    Dime a que hora es mas conveniente para llamarte !


    Olivia De La Garza


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