Showing How Much You Care with Lean Cuisine: Honestly Good for You

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Both my husband and I believe that leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Because of it we are very conscious about the food we eat and the products we buy.  That is why I was thrilled to find the new Lean Cuisine Honestly Good, all natural frozen meals.

Although I would love to, I rarely have the time to cook a meal from scratch anymore and always look for ways to make cooking easier and for products that will help me get a healthy meal on the table in less time.  These last couple of weeks have been specially crazy at home as I have been traveling a lot attending conferences and press trips which means that I’ve had to leave my husband and my family often.  I am really amazed at how supportive my husband has been about my business and my writing career. I am lucky that we both work from home so he takes over when I leave taking care of the kids, the house and everything else.


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This week, before leaving for one week to attend the Top Bloguera retreat and LATISM conference in NYC I wanted to do something special to thank him.  As I ran around scrambling to schedule posts and pack my bags I popped a pair of Lean Cuisine frozen meals in the microwave and surprised my husband with a very special healthy dinner.

I powered off all of our devices, set the table up with candles, flowers and wine and invited my husband to sit with me to share a healthy and nutritious dinner (opposed to both of us eating next to the computer while we work until the wee hours of the night!).


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I had bought him a card and put it next to his plate and as he sat down to eat he read it and his eyes filled with tears. Sometimes we just forget to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and I took this opportunity to thank my amazing husband for all he does and all he is.

It was then that I realized that I have to make time for my husband no matter how much I have going on my life. I have  to nurture and feed our relationship and take care of it.  Something else that I realized is that I do not have spend hours in the kitchen. By heating up some Lean Cuisine Honestly Good frozen meals I had a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal in the table in no time. I felt great that the Honestly Good meals have 100% all natural ingredients because that is another way in which I show my husband how much I care, by serving a dinner option that he will not only enjoy but that is also great for him.

I gave my husband the pomegranate chicken and I had the honey citrus chicken and both where very good.  I loved that the vegetables where firm and looked fresh, they where crunchy and not overcooked.  The sauces came separately which also helped the meal look better presented and the chicken was soft and juicy.  Sincerely one of the best frozen meals I’ve had. Since I am leaving for a week I also left some more Lean Cuisine Honestly Good frozen meals in the freezer for him so that he had some healthy and easy to prepare dinners while he was by himself.


lean cuisine honestly good #shop

You can learn more about the Lean Cuisine products by liking the Lean Cuisine Facebook page or following @NestleUSA on twitter.

Have you tried the Lean Cuisine Honestly Good frozen meals yet?  You can find a coupon available on Walmart’s “savings center” HERE!

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Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. Que rico se ve. Han cambiado mucho. Yo cuando me mudé sóla y comencé a trabajar en Estados Unidos no tenía carro ni fogón en casa. Comí Lean cuisine unos cuantos meses a toda hora. Me salvó en conjunto con el microondas.


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