Why Books Make Great Gifts

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If you have been around my blog before you probably know that I love books. In high school I was a book work and now daughter is taking after me and I just love to see her siting in her room reading a book. Books have taken me to places I would have otherwise never had the chance of visiting, they have opened my eyes to other worlds and other ways of thinking and they have taught me lessons that have been invaluable.
Through books I have learned many things from cooking to writing and now I make my living turning words into stories, even if they are short stories on a blog. All of this thanks to books.

I have always believed that books are the best gift that you can give or get.  And every year my kids recieve at least one book for Christmas, one book for El Día de los Reyes and one book for their Birthday.  Books are always a part of their lives and of the important moments for our family.

Reasons Books Make Great Gifts Infographic from Book-Pal.comPresented By BookPal

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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2 thoughts on “Why Books Make Great Gifts”

  1. Love the infographic! I also enjoy giving the gift of knowledge via books to my siblings and cousins. I recently gave my cousin the latest book on The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. A few years ago, my cousin was a reluctant reader until I introduced him to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Since then, he’s developed a love of reading, and he is so looking forward to reading the latest book in the series. I totally agree with you that books make great gifts to give or receive! Awesome post! 🙂


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