5 Reasons Why Florida KidCare Is a Great Insurance Option for Florida Kids

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Florida KidCare. However, all opinions are my own.

5 Reasons Why Florida KidCare Is a Great Insurance Option for Florida Kids

There is nothing more important as a parent than for me to know that my kids are happy, healthy and safe.

More Florida children are insured today than ever before – a record 3.8 million statewide. More than 2.4 million of these children are covered by one of the four Florida KidCare programs – MediKids, Florida Healthy Kids, Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan (CMS Plan), or Medicaid.

 Florida KidCare exists to increase the number of insured Florida children and assure they have access to quality health and dental care by making insurance for children affordable and accessible. However, 257,000 Florida children are currently living without health insurance, and more than 147,000 Florida children are estimated to be eligible for free and discounted health insurance coverage through Florida KidCare. This means that there are so many kids in Florida who are not insured even though insurance would cost their parents nothing or nearly nothing. That is why I am so excited to have partnered with Florida KidCare to bring awareness and information about how the Florida KidCare programs work through our own personal experience with both Healthy Kids and CMS programs.

5 Reasons Why Florida KidCare Is a Great Insurance Option for Florida Kids

Both of my kids had insurance through Florida KidCare for over five years. My husband and I had just moved to Florida from my home country of Guatemala and my daughter had just gotten diagnosed with autism. I was unable to work while my citizenship process was finalized and with two kids under 4 years old and one child with special needs who needed my attention, it just made more sense to stay at home. With only one income we thought we would not be able to afford medical and dental insurance, which terrified me. Then we were introduced to Florida KidCare and we got both of our kids insured through their programs. Although we could not afford insurance for ourselves during those difficult years, knowing that our kids were protected and that we didn’t have to worry about not being able to afford medical care if they got injured or sick gave us such peace of mind.

5 Reasons Why Florida KidCare Is a Great Insurance Option for Florida Kids

Why KidCare Is a Great Option for Florida Families

Here is what you should know about  Florida KidCare and why we believe it’s a great option for Florida families:

1. Quality of care and coverage.

Most of the pediatricians and specialist in our area accept the health insurance programs from Florida KidCare so chances are that you would be able to keep your child’s primary care doctor once you get Florida KidCare health insurance for your children. We love the pediatrician we had when the kids were on the Florida KidCare programs and have kept the same health providers now that they have insurance through my work. My daughter had the CMS program that I really miss having. I also miss paying only $20 for my son’s health insurance and having no co-pays, which is not the case with my insurance now.

2. Affordable health insurance

Most families pay nothing at all for their children’s health insurance and many pay just $15 or $20 a month. Subsidized coverage is based on family income as a percentage of the federal poverty level, the age of the child and for a small number of children, special medical conditions. The federal poverty level is calculated based on family income and the number of household members. Families who earn less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level generally qualify for completely free or subsidized coverage. For families who earn more and do not qualify for subsidized coverage, Florida KidCare offers competitively priced full-pay options.

3. A wide variety of medical service offerings and a great selection of physicians and specialists.

Florida KidCare program benefits include doctor visits, check-ups, hospital stays, surgeries, immunizations, prescriptions, emergencies, vision and hearing, dental, mental health services and more. Through Florida KidCare coverage, your child has access to private, quality health and dental providers.

4. Ease of enrollment

You can enroll your children in Florida KidCare programs any time of the year. And the application is very easy. You can apply online, via phone or connect with an in-person application specialist. With year-round enrollment and an easy, free application, the time to apply for Florida KidCare is always now!

5 Reasons Why Florida KidCare Is a Great Insurance Option for Florida Kids

5. A program for every need

  • MediKids: For kids 1-4 years. There are subsidized and full-pay options.
  • Florida Healthy Kids: For kids 5-18 years. Florida Healthy Kids has subsidized and full-pay options and most families pay just $15 or $20 a month.
  • Childrens Medical Services Plan (CMS Plan): For kids with special health care needs ages birth through 18 years. This is a completely subsidized plan where each child has 24 hours/7 days a week access to a personal primary care physician who provides or authorizes all medically necessary services for the child. Additionally, each child and family has an assigned CMS care coordinator who assists the child and family in a wide range of activities including teaching, coordination of services, arranging and advocating for services with specialists, schools, community programs, health care facilities and providers.
  • Medicaid: Age-based eligibility tied to Federal Poverty Level.

It’s important to mention that your child can have access to free or affordable health insurance regardless of your immigration status. A parent’s immigration status is never asked during the Florida KidCare application, nor is it part of eligibility for a child. If your child doesn’t have insurance – don’t wait, apply now!

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  1. I like what the Florida KidCare Insurance offers. Offering free or discounted health care insurance for kids will be welcomed by many parents especially those who are struggling economically.

  2. Insurance is such a great thing to have! I know before I had it, I was always so scared of something happening and not having the money to pay for it. With Florida Kidcare, this is no longer a worry!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the hardships that you faced but I am so glad that you were able to get healthcare for the kids and that it is available regardless of immigration status. Glad that it is affordable x

  4. what a great informational post. Florida KidCare looks great health insurance for any children! It’s great that there is open policy for immigration status. Great insurance!

  5. Thank you for this!I’ll be moving to Florida in a couple weeks and my little one will need insurance!!! ill be sharing this every where. Great information.


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