Spread the Word About the Benefits of Bilingualism

Why is this still big news? As I am reading yet another article on how bilingualism is beneficial for everyone I wondered why this is still treated like big news. There are so many people all over the world who are bilingual and multilingual and we are all living with the benefits that come from … Read more

Spanish Toolkit for Learning Disabilities

I was very excited to learn that The National Center for Learning Disabilities is launching a first of it’s kind Spanish online kit. This is only the first in a series of steps that include an informational campaign that will reach out to education and community leaders and an advertising campaign to reach families through … Read more

More Great Ideas to Promote Diversity in the Classroom

SECOND POST IN A SERIES Promoting diversity and multiculturalism in the classroom is good for everyone. Here are some more ideas for achieving this in the classroom. 11. “Focus on understanding and communicating, not error correction” (Díaz-Rico & Weed, 2006). Value what your students say and not how they speak. 12. Emphasize geography in your … Read more

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10 Ways for Promoting Diversity in the Classroom

WHAT YOU CAN DO IN THE CLASSROOM: 1. Play dress-up. Dressing up lets children literally step into someone else’s shoes. Provide a variety of traditional costumes from all over the world. 2. “Accept linguistic/cultural hybridity (e.g. combined use of the native language and English for instruction, allowing code switching) as a viable and authentic way … Read more

Having a Multicultural & Multilingual Classroom is Good for Everyone

The population of English Language Learners is growing faster the ever in the recent years as one out of every six school age children use a language other than English at home (Diaz-Rico & Weed, 2006). Our classrooms are changing; racial, cultural and linguistic diversity is increasing and with it the importance of encouraging tolerance, self esteen and … Read more