Wedding Rings: Will You Wear One?

Many men (and their fiancées) have faced the question of whether or not to wear a wedding band. For many people, the wedding ring is a very important symbol of the commitment being made at the beginning of the marriage; but a few couples feel that their relationship doesn’t need a physical symbol. Other people … Read more

Cheesy Huevos Rancheros Skillet

Kraft Fresh Take is a meal kit that includes different blends of cheese and bread crumbs.  Kraft shredded cheese is a staple in our house and we use it a lot so I knew that the new Kraft Fresh Take would be a hit with everyone in my family. I went to Walmart to purchase … Read more

#AD BBQ Mole Enchiladas

At least once a week I like to make dishes inspired by Latino flavors and ingredients.  We put on some Salsa or Latino pop music (which usually results in some dancing after dinner or while we are cooking) and I try to involve the kids in the cooking process as much as possible.  Sometimes I … Read more