Games For Learning Social Skills And Emotions

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kids playing board games
Playing board games while learning social skills.

Many of you know that Ariane is on the autism spectrum. We have come a long way from those days not so long ago where I used to spend every single afternoon taking her to therapies. The biggest lesson I have learned is that kids learn by doing and by experiencing things themselves. For Ariane sitting in front of a therapist repeatedly doing something does not have the same results as doing those same things in a natural setting with her family, with her peers or with her brother.

girl showig emotions
Showing different emotions: angry, serious and excited.

Ariane loves to travel, she loves to go out into the world and have new experiences but above all she loves people! She enjoys meeting new people but she still struggles in many social situations as she does not know how to interpret social cues has difficulty with empathy and with figuring out emotions.  That is why I was so happy to find the Fun and Function website. The site is filled with sensory and educational toys.

social skills board games
Social skills board games from Fun & Function.

We ordered the social skills board games and this week we tried them out during our family game night and we all played them together. I loved that the games are fun for everyone and they don’t make Ariane feel like she is in therapy or that she is learning. We can just play the games and have fun and at the same time she is learning about social cues, emotions and social situations and how to recognize them and respond to them.

Learning about emotions with board games from Fun and Function.
Learning about emotions with board games from Fun & Function.

The games really opened up conversations about how to act in different situations and they where great educational tools not just for her but also for my 8 year old.

social skills board games from Fun and FunctionFun and Function’s is the leading resource of kid-friendly sensory tools.  Fun and Function’s goal is empowering different and just like we do the creators of the games and sensory toys believes that differences make the world a better, more fun, and more interesting place to be.  

Fun and Function was started by occupational therapist and mom (of 8!) Aviva Weiss because she couldn’t find kid-friendly sensory tools that would fit her family’s needs. She channeled her frustration and turned it into a passion for creating the best sensory toys and tools on the planet.  

learning about emotionsImproving the lives of kids with special needs is Fun and Function’s driving mission. Everything they make is kid-friendly, affordable, and most importantly, makes a real developmental and therapeutic difference in the lives of children.

learning about social skills with board gamesBe sure to check Fun and Function out, it’s got lots of toys and games for children who need sensory stimulation or who struggle with social skills and social cues.

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  1. Que maravilla el contar con estas herramienta, las cuales son de gran ayuda para las familias especiales,ya que por medio del juego les permite aprender, socializar y asimismo se divierten. Gracias por compartir.


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