The Importance Of a Good Breakfast

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Don’t forget your breakfast
Don’t forget your breakfast

Family life nowadays seems to be a constant rushing from one activity to another.  There’s work, taking care of the kids, incessant house chores and the added hours that come with having your own business. Even the kids have busy days: getting on the bus to go to school before 7am, then it’s homework and after school activities from soccer to horseback riding.


The key to make it through the day with enough energy is having a good start.  That is why the best thing you can do for yourself is to get the best start with a good breakfast that include lots of protein and fruits as well as supplements to give you that little extra push. That is why I take Ester-C vitamin C which provides around the clock immune support.

Having a Strong breakfast is key to have a good day
Having a Strong breakfast is key to have a good day

For our children breakfast is specially important because they are growing and the biggest changes happens at night while they are resting so they need a lot of food after 8 or 10 hours of not eating anything just because they might say they are not hungry their bodies are starving after a long night.


Tips For Starting The Day Of Right

  • Sneak more nutrition into your picky eater’s favorite foods. My son eats a very limited variety of foods so we add something extra to what he does like to eat. He loves pancakes so we add an extra egg in the mixture and mashed bananas or sweet potato and we choose milk that is reinforced with multivitamins.
  • Include protein in your family’s breakfast. Don’t forget your protein in the morning as it will not only keep you alert and keep your mind sharp but also give you the energy you need so you are not drowsy by noon.  For breakfast you can have some eggs, milk or bacon and for lunch try to minimize your carbs like bread and chips as carbs will make you feel sleepy all afternoon.
  • Prepare the day before. For most families waking up rushing through the morning to get out the door is a norm, but skipping the most important meal of the day is not an option, so have something ready from the previous day or get on the go food that are pack with everything your body needs and don’t forget your supplements.
Getting some Immune support at Walmart!
Getting some Immune support at Walmart!


We always get our Ester-C supplements in the supplement aisle at Walmart when we buy our groceries, along with as well as everything our family needs to start our day right!

For more information about Ester-C you can click here or follow them on Twitter at @Officialesterc. You can purchase at Walmart and follow us on Facebook


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