My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

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My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

Here in Florida, the temperatures are already in the high 80’s, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my morning hikes. No matter how much you enjoy the great outdoors, being outside in the sweltering summer heat can be challenging. That is why I’m sharing my best tips for staying cool on the trail when you’re hiking in hot weather.

Timing is everything.

Avoid hiking during the hottest hours in the day, usually between 2pm and 5pm. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures early in the morning if you can.

Dress for cool

Wear loose-fitting clothes that are breathable and wick moisture, and cover up as much as you can. Another thing not to forget is to protect your eyes from the sun.


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I was recently introduced to the Mission Instant Cooling Gear and I am so excited to share it with you because it’s really a game changer. If you want to enjoy more time outdoors and do more outside this summer, Mission Instant Cooling Gear will make this possible by keeping you cool. Mission’s motto is “Cool More. Do More.” because their gear exists to help people do more and get more out of life when the heat gets to be too much. Whether trail running or hiking outdoors, attending an outdoor concert or festival, or doing DIY/gardening around the home – Mission’s Instant Cooling Gear allows you to do more and enjoy more in the heat. 

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

Mission Instant Cooling Gear is made using Mission’s advanced fabric, which enhances the natural process of evaporation to keep you cool. Their products cool instantly when wet and they are easy to activate. All you have to do is wet them with any water source, hot or cold. Then wring out the excess water and snap them or wave them in the air. The best part is that the cooling effect lasts for hours.

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

I tried out a few of the Mission cooling products and I’m loving all of them.

  • Cooling Bucket Hat: It’s ideal for hiking with a wide 3″ brim for maximum sun blockage and UPF 50 sun protection. It’s really soft and lightweight and cools instantly when wet. To activate, all you have to do is wet thoroughly, wring out excess water and wave in the air for 15-20 seconds. To reactivate, you just repeat the same process.

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

  • Cooling Performance Hat: It’s perfect for trail running. I have lots of sports hats, and I was really impressed with how lightweight and comfortable this hat is even before you activate the cooling effect. And just like the bucket hat, activating it is as easy as wetting it, wringing the excess water and waving in the air for 15-20 seconds. The hat retains its shape after wringing and it’s so easy to care for.

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

  • Max Cooling Towel: The cooling towel is one of my favorites. It not only keeps me cool when I put it around my neck, but it’s ideal for wiping the sweat from my face at the same time that it refreshes. To activate the cooling towel, you just wet thoroughly, wring out the excess water and snap 3 times. It’s pretty incredible how you can actually feel the towel getting colder!

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

  • Cooling Compact Neck Gaiter: This neck gaiter is light and comfortable and provides a great cooling effect as it protects your neck from the sun. My neck always gets sunburned when hiking because I always forget to reapply sunscreen there, but with the Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter, which has UPF 50 sun protection, I don’t have that problem anymore. It’s easy to activate and reactivate. Just wet, wring and snap it 3 times.

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

It’s pretty amazing how the Mission Cooling gear instantly cools you down, and it’s all chemical free and machine washable. My hikes are so much more enjoyable since I started using Mission Instant Cooling Gear, and I just wish I had started using their products earlier!

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of fluids, especially when hiking in hot weather. I usually take a hydration pack plus water bottles. A great tip for when you’re hiking in hot weather is to freeze your water bottles. Fill your water bottle halfway and freeze overnight then fill the rest of the bottle with cold water before leaving for your hike. This way the water will remain cold for longer and the cold water bottles will also help you keep cool.

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

Even if it’s a short hike, I always take some extra water with me so that I can use it to reactivate my Mission Instant Cooling Gear if necessary. Another great tip for staying hydrated is to eat snacks with high water content like watermelon and other fruits.

Take advantage of the shade

Look for shaded hiking trails and take advantage of the shade any chance you get. When taking a break, sit under the shade of a tree instead of under the sun.

My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays

Make sure to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before heading outside. Reapply sunscreen every couple of hours and look for a sunscreen that is waterproof and sweatproof.

Have you tried the Mission Instant Cooling Gear? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tips for For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather

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13 thoughts on “My Secret For Staying Cool When Hiking In Hot Weather”

  1. I do love early morning walks so heat has never been a problem for me. However, when it gets really hot even during the morning, a trusted towel is what I like to bring.

  2. The best way to ward off dehydration is to be constantly sipping fluids—water or sports drinks work—throughout your trip. Taking smaller, frequent sips will help your body distribute the water throughout your body much better than if you were to guzzle a quarter of the bottle a few times during the hike.

  3. You have some really good tips here, my daughter recently got dehydrated on a trip and she ended up in the hospital.

  4. Great tips! It is unbearably hot in Arizona right now but we are able to get out if we start early enough. We are definitely using these tips to stay cool!

  5. What’s better than feeling comfortable and being healthy at the same time right? Looks like you have the complete gear. I din this super helpful.


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