Owl Always Love You Personalized Book from Flattenme

I received a copy of Flattenme’s “Owl Always Love You” personalized book for children to review. However all opinions are sincere and are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Owl Always Love You personalized book

As soon as we opened “Owl Always Love You!” we all immediately fell in love with it. I’ve always liked owls but these owls just take cuteness to a whole different level, if you don’t find yourself letting out a heartfelt “awwwwwww” when you see the gorgeous illustrations you need to get your cuteometer checked ASAP!

You have probably heard me say it before but I will say it again, there is nothing like a personalized book to encourage and motivate a child to read. When a story speaks directly to your child and when your child finds him or herself immersed in the story the words on the paper just take a whole new meaning and awaken his imagination and reinforce reading as a way to learn about new things, embark in new adventures and make friends.

When it comes to personalized books there are many options out there but my favorite one, by far is Flattenme. Out of all the personalized books I have seen Flattenme has the best quality, the illustrations are just beautiful, the stories are engaging and the books are well made. We first fell in love with the Flattenme personalized books when we got both of my kids their own personalized book with their picture. My daughter got a mermaid book and my son a wood fairy book , you can check my review of both of them here.

The minute “Owl Always Love You!” arrived both of my kids jumped at the chance to read it and I could hear their “ohhhhs” and “ahhhhs” as they turned each page to find a owls cuddling with a fuzzy sheep or an adorable kitten getting ready to go to sleep. “Owl Always Love You” is the ideal bedtime story and the beautiful images are accompanied by a soothing rhyming verse that reminds your little one of how much he is loved by mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa, or great aunt Beatrix).

“Owl Always Love You” is the perfect gift for any child and I can assure you they will not tire of reading it or having it red to them over and over again. My daughter just loves reading it and her big brown eyes just sparkle with excitement and glee every time she reads her name on the pages. I know that when she grows older this book will be a keepsake that she will cherish forever and enjoy reading to her own children.

Owl Always Love You Personalized Book


You can visit Flattenme’s website to get your “Owl Always Love You” book or to check out their other amazing personalized products, my favorite ones are the Flattenme personalized books with your child’s picture on it. Flattenme magically transform your little one into a superhero, mermaid, pirate and more by using your child’s face and name throughout the story.  They also have personalized T-shirts  and lots of other things and their products are amazing! Seriously if you have not seen them you need to check them out.
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