Foolproof Tips For Raising a Book Worm

This is part of a sponsored campaign with The Children’s Movement of Florida. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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I love reading and I feel that my love of reading has helped me succeed in every aspect of my life. From the moment I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to instill in my children that a love of reading and I did everything I could to motivate them and encourage them.  I never thought that reading would make such a huge difference for them but I feel like reading has been crucial, specially for my daughter.  If you have read my blog before you probably know that my daughter has autism as well as developmental delays, needless to say school is really hard for her and she gets really frustrated when she sees that her peers are able to do and understand so many things that she has a hard time with.  But through it all her love of reading has helped her her to maintain a reading level that is almost at her grade level and that has been possible because she reads for at least an hour every day at home and she reads because she likes to read, not because she is trying to catch up to her peers or because it’s homework. Not only does she love to read but she reads in both English and Spanish which actually gives her an advantage over other kids and having something that she is good at gives her such confidence: even her teachers are impressed and so proud of her.

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Sadly, one baby may grow up to not be a strong reader.  Can you believe that close to half of Florida’s third grade students are not able to read at grade level and studies show that these students are four times more likely to drop out of high school?  That is why I am so excited to be working with The Children’s Movement of Florida, because together we can make children our state’s highest priority. [important] Watch The Children’s Movement video and sign up to become part of the movement. [/important]

Foolproof Tips To Raise Kids That Love To Read

Teach by example. If your children see you reading they will follow your example.

It’s never to early to encourage reading. I started reading to both of my kids when I was pregnant and as soon as they where born I got them books. Their first books where made of cloth and even though they mostly put them in their mouths and did not quite know what to do with them at first books have always been part of their repertoire of “toys”, they even had plastic books for the tub that they loved to look through.

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Read as a family. Reading together creates strong family bonds besides encouraging kids to read.

Make reading part of their daily routine. My kids are 7 and 10 and we still read before bed every night, even when we travel.  This routine started when they where babies and I’m pretty sure that by the time they are adults they will most probably still read every night before bed, reading is just part of what they do: like brushing their teeth or taking a shower.

Take advantage of every opportunity to provide a book to your children. From bath time to long car rides, you can enforce reading by providing reading materials specially during times where your kids are a captive audience.


Get books in the subjects they your kids are passionate about. My little guys doesn’t love reading as much as my daughter but he loves robots and trains wants to learn more about them so I have bought him books, magazines and even comic books about robots and trains I will often find him in his room reading.

Provide reading material in different formats.  My daughter still likes books with picturesand magazines and my son prefers comic book formats which keep him interested and engaged.  Find out what formats work best for your children and go with that.

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Make reading fun.  Have fun while reading by making different voices and sound effects or acting out the books or reading in a different setting, like reading outdoors or playing a book on tape. Changing things around and keeping things interesting helps kids get excited about reading.

[important]A high-quality early education is key to keeping children on track to being successful in school and in life.  Join the movement and make children our state’s priority. [/important]


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