What Inspires You to Be A Great Mother? #InspireCare

Me and my little man.

When I first learned I was pregnant with my daughter my world changed completely and so did I. You see, although at 30 I was more than ready to have kids, I was single and the pregnancy was unplanned. All of a sudden I realized I would soon be responsible for a little person and I would be raising her alone. I knew that I would have to be the best mother I could possibly be.

When it came to being a good mother I drew inspiration from many sources including my mother and my father who was also very involved in raising us. But the greatest inspiration came from my kids, they have given me the strength to face many difficult situations and have taught me that one of the most important things when it comes to parenting is teaching by example. My daughter was diagnosed with autism at 3 and she also has a motor processing disorder, which means that the communication between her body and her brain is not very efficient or fast which makes it difficult for her to do any motor related task, including speech. She is a fighter and even thought she has to work harder than any of the kids in her class she never gives up. She inspires me every day and has taught me that there is nothing you can not do if you put your mind to it and work hard.

Motherhood has truly changed how I see the world as well as my priorities and my values. Becoming a mother has been the most eye opening and fulfilling event in my life and since I became a mother I can relate to the experiences and struggles of mothers everywhere.

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As a mother where do your draw your inspiration from?

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  1. That’s not really you after giving birth is it? Too cute, too put together- BB tenia la lengua afuera for at least a week after the first one! ; )

    Enjoyed your post and your honesty; you are a great spokesperson- real, intelligent and “good people”.



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