Valentines Spanish & Bilingual Books for Kids, Spanish Cards and Printables

This post may contain affiliate links. 51+FIIxy1qL._SS400_Valentine’s is a great opportunity to teach children about love, about friendship and about caring about others. Here are 10 Spanish and bilingual Spanish/English books that teach about relationships and about caring.


El Libro Magico de la Amistad/ The Magic Book of Friendship

Valeria Varita, a popular fairy teaches kids how to be a real friend. It gives brilliant and fun ideas on how to make friends and specially on how to keep them. This book is written in Spanish only.

El Primer Beso de Froggy /Froggy’s First Kiss

My kids just love Froggy’s books, he is a fun little frog and the books are written in a very entertaining way. The illustrations are brightly colored and my kids love it when I read the Froggy books because they give you lots of opportunities to make voice changes which makes the reading so much more engaging. In this Valentine’s book Froggy has a crush on the new girl in school and he wonders if those feelings he is experiencing “his insides got all soft and wiggly, like he’d had caterpillars for breakfast” are love. At home we have both the English and Spanish version’s of this book so that we can read it in both languages.

Pequeñas Historias de Amor y Amistad/ Little Stories of Love and Friendship

This book includes 10 richly illustrated tales and legends that talk about of love and friendship. This book is written in Spanish only.

Un Beso en Mi Mano

This is another one of our favorites, a real classic. Un Beso en Mi Mano is the Spanish translation of A Kiss in My Hand. It talks baout the love between mother and children but above all it’s a story that teaches children that love is something that you can feel even when the person you love is not physically there. Chester is a little racoon wh doesn’t want to separate from his mother, his mother explains to him that her love will always be with him no matter where he is. She kisses his hand and tells him to touch his hand to his cheek and remember her kiss every time he feels sad or misses her.

El Pez Arco Iris

El Pez Arco Iris is the Spanish translation of a very popular and loved book: Rainbow Fish. At home we have both books so we can read the story in both languages. The rainbow fish (pez arcoiris) is the most beautiful fish in the ocean but beauty is of no importance when you have no friends. Sharing his beautiful shiny scales with the other fish in the sea he quickly makes lots of friends. This is one of our favorites because of the brightly colored and shiny illustrations and the great story.


Feliz Día de la Amistad Gus

Every time Gus decides to make a Valentine’s for his mother disaster seems to strike. This book is written only in Spanish but there is also an English version as well as an audible audio edition in Spanish which is a wonderful investment so your child can listen to it in Spanish without anyone having to read it to him.

Dora Quiere Mucho a Boots

Both my children love Dora and Boots. In this book Dora and Boots have a Valentine’s adventure . This book is perfect for beginning readers as it has short sentences and easy words. In the story teaches children about love and friendship and about the significance of el Día de San Valentín or el Día del Cariño.


My Pal Victor / Mi Amigo Victor

“My Pal Victor” is a great children’s book about friendship without looking at differences and about accepting others for who they are. At the end of the book Dominic says that the most important thing about his friend Victor is that he loves him just the way he is. For Dominic the only important thing is that his friend Victor is a good friend and not that he is in a wheelchair. This book is written in Spanish and English.

My Friends / Mis Amigos

This books is part of the series Somos Latinos and it paints an image of the life of Latino children in the United States and talks about friendship and how the language you speak in is not important. Amelia tells us about her friends , with some of them she speaks in Spanish with others she Speaks in English. This book is written in Spanish and in English and includes a list of vocabulary words in both languages. Mis Amigos is written but the author and photographer George Ancoma with Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy.

Mis Amigos/ My Friends

An elegant simplicity of design and the use of primary colors make this book fun and attractive. A book about how we can learn from our friends. A little girl identifies with the world around her and tells us about how each of her friends has taught her different things. The text is simple and short, ideal for children who are starting to read.


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