How To Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back To School

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Going back to school can be an exciting time but it’s also a difficult transition. My daughter will be starting middle school this year and it will be a big change for her. That is why it’s so important to get them motivated to start the new year. Here are some tips to get your kids excited about going back to school and help them build their self-esteem so they are ready to make their new school year a success socially and academically!

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Get them involved. Every year my kids look forward to shopping for their Back-to-School clothes. This year we went to JCPenney and we all loved the bold colors and exciting patterns available for both boys and girls. Both of my kids picked their own clothes and loved everything they got and now they are super excited about starting the new year because they feel empowered and great about how they look.

back to School JCPenney

Let them express their personality. My kids could not be more different; my daughter loves animals and adventure, while my son loves math and is a bit of a class clown. At JCPenney we were able to find clothes that really fit their personalities and let them express themselves. My daughter went for the bright colors and fun designs and also found a few t-shirts with cute animals like this Arizona graphic tee with the fun owl design which she paired with bright colored Arizona Bermuda shorts. She also loved the flip sequin tunics, they are bright and stylish and she loves that you can flip the sequins to change the color of the designs. She got one with a unicorn but we might have to get another one as it is her favorite shirt now.

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My son who is a bit of the class clown chose bold and smart graphic tees which he paired with black shorts; these also look great with your favorite denim.

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Help them get prepared. Kids can lose some of the knowledge gained during the summer. That is why my kids read every day during the summer. We have focused on books that also talk about life at school and portray kids their age going overcoming challengers. My daughter will be starting middle school and it will be a big transition from elementary.

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Reading during the summer not only ensures that she improves her reading skills reading stories about teen and tween girls also helps her familiarize herself with new situations that she may encounter in middle school.

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My son who is into technology has been learning about coding during the summer with some new apps we got him. Not only is he having fun doing it but this is also preparing him for success at school and boosting his self-confidence.

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Personalize their school gear. We got some really fun and affordable backpacks at JCPenney. To really make the backpacks their own we added some personal touches. We added some of my daughter’s medals she won last year for doing an amazing job in science and math to her backpack. This not only gives the backpack a very personal touch and makes it unique but it also reminds her of her accomplishments and boosts her self-esteem.

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JCPenney is the one-stop destination for all of our back-to-school needs. We always find on-trend styles that are priced to buy and that my kids love. We have been buying Arizona denim and Arizona shorts for the kids for a while and they last the entire year until they outgrow them without fading or tearing and the prices are always a great value.

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35 thoughts on “How To Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back To School

  1. JC Penneys is one of our fave stores. I can always find something for everyone in the family. My nephew started school earlier this week and mine will return to school in 2 weeks. I – I mean THEY – can hardly wait.

  2. I think it’s smart to keep kids learning through the summer whether through reading or coding. I remember I used to get excited about going back to school because I could wear the new clothes my parents had bought me!

  3. New clothes always got me excited about going back to school, but we didn’t get too much since there was 4 of us. Seems like school just got out, now it’s back to school for some!

  4. Hi Paula, Your children look absolutely adorable in their new clothing from JCPenney. We like to do our back-to-school shopping at JCPenney, too. My children are much older, but they understand that they can get a lot of bang for their buck at JCP. Great backpack, too!

  5. JC Penneys was one of our stores to go to when I was growing up and also for my own son.

    Part of the fun was always the new stuff of school – clothing and supplies – your blog post brought that all back 🙂

  6. This post came along just in time. My son starts school in a couple weeks and is not looking forward to it. These are some great tips. We’re going school shopping next week, so I’ll definitely keep these in mind.

  7. Going back to school is such a wonderful experience, the kids are excited, the parents are both relieved and sad and the get back on track momentum is in full swing! I can’t think of a better partner for everything than JC Penny! They have everything!

  8. You brought back childhood memories of going back to school after a a long summer vacation. Loved the tips about getting kids more energized and excited about school, quite sensible and practical too.

  9. I have always loved the back to school season. Buying new clothes, shoes, backpack, lunch box, and oh the supplies! I loved writing my name on all the notebooks! My girls have always loved that time of the year as well. The last few years have been different for my youngest daughter (7th grade). This will be our third year homeschooling. We still have special memories, they just aren’t the same.

  10. these are great ways to get the kids a little more excited about going back to school! When parents (or anyone) gets kids involved and gives them choices it always seems to help with their attitudes towards things/plans/etc…
    Preparation is important too! puts their minds and nerves at ease ; )

  11. I always let my kids pick out their own backpacks and as much of their school supplies as possible. Sometimes the supplies need to be specific colors, but I let them get creative as possible.

  12. Back to school shopping was always my favorite thing about starting a new year at school. I remember agonizing over which outfit I would wear the first day of school. My kids always enjoyed back to school shopping also.

  13. We always let our children express themselves by picking out backpack, lunch box stuff like that to express themselves. They are always excited to visit before school and find out which teacher they have, where their locker is located.

  14. We go to JCPenney’s almost all the time for my kiddos clothes. They have great prices in their outfits are really neat. My son loves everything he gets there.

  15. Thankfully my kids are still young and love school because of their amazing teachers. I think your tips are spot on for those who are a bit nervous and stressed about going back to school.

  16. My kids are totally excited for back to school shopping. In fact, my oldest is finally really looking forward to picking out cute outfits and accessories – she’s 6! JCPenney is a great place to get a wonderful deal.

  17. I know it sounds strange, but personalizing my gear when I was a young girl, really helped me. It made me feel like I had something special to carry with me.

  18. You kids look so adorable and the clothes from JC Penny are so nice. I see all parents and kids getting ready for the school and also see the excitement on kids’ faces for the back to school shopping. 🙂

  19. When I was little, I got so excited to go back to school when I get new stuff. When I became a mom, I made sure I took my kids for back to school shopping. I made them choose clothes, bags, lunch boxes, and school supplies. When we got home, they happily went into their rooms and arranged the stuff they got.

  20. My kids just started this school year this September at an international school here in my country and they are so excited so see their friends back at school and also to learn! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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