5 Tips For Living Healthier and Happier: Inspiration from Big Hero 6

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Living Healthier! This life is all we have and living it to the fullest is a must! We all know that responsibilities and the reality of life makes things seem hard but they are many steps you can take to change your mental state and live each day with a positive attitude. Watching Big Hero 6 (now on Disney movies anywhere and on Blu-ray™ Feb 24. ) with my family at the movie theater reminded me about the importance of taking care of the people you love and simply giving them a hug and telling them how much you love them!


I loved that Big Hero 6 had such a heartwarming and wonderful message and it’s one of those movies that leaves you thinking about your life and about how what you can do to live it better, be more present and purposeful and focus on happiness and your family.

We might not have a personal companion robot like Baymax but if you are close to your family they are support you and help you to stay positive in mind and spirit no matter what is going on in your life, like I always say “la Familia” is everything.

They are many steps you can take to live a happier life and here are my five simple things you can do to improve your overall mindset and health:

  • No one will help you turn that frown upside down, only you can do that ! You are in control on how things affect you and what you do about them.
  • Don’t skip meals, specially breakfast. With breakfast you start your day strong and ready to take on anything that crosses your path. Try to add protein to it to stay sharp and ready.
  • Go outside everyday even for a few minutes; sunlight is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Give yourself time to be outside even if is for just for a few minutes. If you are at work take a walk during lunch time or walk for 10 minutes around the neighborhood.
  • Take some time for yourself or enjoy the company of friends.  Find ways to break the everyday routine, unwind and leave your stress and worries behind by enjoying the moment and the company of loved ones.
  • Exercise! I don’t mean go to the gym necessarily, but stay active in some way; take the stairs not the elevator, go out and walk or run  for 10 minutes or play more with you kids , yo’ll be glad you did !


You want to stay positive for you and your family and always be kind to others. Being kind and giving back is not only great for you community and sets a great example for your children but it will also fill you with a sense of happiness. Smile more and life will smile back at you. You want people remembering you for your smile. Living healthier your priority!


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